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1 March  1892
Bluff  -  March 1st
Arrived  -  
  from Melbourne,  via Hobart.    She left Williamstown at 5pm on February 23,  passed Swan Island the next afternoon
at 3-15pm and reached Hobart at 9am February 25.  She left again at midnight, and called at Milford and George Sounds on February 29 arriving
at the Bluff at 6-30am today.

Passengers  for Bluff  -
Mrs Finlay,       Messrs Finlay,      Barrett,      Olgilvie,      Stair,      Cuzands,      Collender     and Bence.

For Dunedin -
Misses  Rouke,      Glen,      Henderson,      Davis,      Cook,       Pike, (2),     Mawe and Howes.
Mesdames  Rouke,      Cohen,      Reid,      Sharpe,      Baxter,      Roberts,      Davis,      Howes,       Cargill and Poubert,
Messrs  Johnston,      Roberts,      Sharpe,      Baxter,     Ciglin,      Begin,       Lighton,     Page,      Roberts,      Oakden,      Davidson,      Keerle, 
                Howes,      Duncan,      Cargill,     Aitken,      Johns,      Crow,      Kearns,      Syveril,     Wise,      Bird,      Rouke,       Cohen,      Reid, 
                Stewart,      Baine,      Johnston,      Lyons      and  Boundstein.     and Master Loring.

For Lyttelton  -
Misses  Hart,      Thomas     and Moorhouse (2), 
Mesdames  Moorhouse     and Sugden,      and Mr Noonan.

For Wellington  -
Misses Dawson,      Cole,  Birchall,      Mackin, (2),      Hopkins (2),      and Lloyd.
Mesdames  Gillies,      Fulwood,      Dawson,      Caldwell,      Fanhall,      Miller,      Mackin,      Hopkins,      and Lloyd.
Messrs  Stair (2),     Kersey,     Wilson,      Elder,      Gills,      Fulwood,      Fidder,       Stone,      Caldwell,      Barbour,      Miller,      Fanchall, 
                Millar,      Snape,      Mackin,      McKay,      Chapman,      Stokes,      Hopkins,     Martin,      Palmer,     and Crombie,  and Master Mackin.

For Napier  -
Misses Hopkins  and Patton,

For Gisborne  -
Colonel Green,  Misses Green, and Thomas,

For Sydney  -
Mrs Herklots,  Messrs Grant,  Sterling,  Sands (2),  and Carnduff, 
and 90 steerage  for all Ports.

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Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
30  September 2006