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Tuesday May 26th  1891.     page 3
Passengers by the   Tongariro
We are advised by the San Francisco mail that the following passengers had booked up to April 18th 
per  R.M.S.Tongariro,  to sail on April 30th.

Saloon -  
for Auckland  -   Mr C.A.Pond,
for Wellington -  Mrs Bayne Ranken,   Miss E. Mugliston,  Mr M.D.Elder,

Second saloon  -
for Napier -  Mr H.Spackman,  
for Otago  - Mr T.McLean,   Mr J. Parker,  
for Auckland -  Mr W.Gilmour,   Mr G.P.Mann,   

Steerage -
Miss M. Bourke,       Mr C.Musgrave,       Mr J.Farrell,       Miss Farrell,       Miss M.A.Musgrave,       Mr J.W.Clarke,       Mr J.O.Kane,       Miss Kane,  
Mr J.Rose,       Mr W. Saunders,       Mr W.Tomlinson,       Mr F.H.Bunn,       Mr L.Hansen,       Mrs Hansen  and 2 children,       Mr R.P.Hansen, 
Miss A.Carrigan,       Miss Carrigan,       Mr W. Molloy,      Miss Molloy,      Miss H.Strachan,      Miss A. Donnelly,      Mr F. Mayer,      Mr M. Mackay  and family (5)      Miss M.Dixon,       Mr A. Clark,      Mr W.Keys,       Miss M.Ritchie,      Miss A.M.Massey,      Mr F.A.Burfoot.

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