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21 May 1891      -  DORIC
The following list is the passengers booked per  the  R.M.S.S.   Doric  up to April 4th

First Saloon -  
Mr A.Ellis Forbes,    Mr D. Glasgow,     Miss Glasgow,   Miss R. Glasgow,    Mr J. Glasgow,    Miss H. Guthrie,    Mr E.B.James,    Mrs James, 
Mr E.J.Thompson,

Second saloon -
Mr E. Moyse,    Mrs Moyse,  Mr R.Atkinson,   Mr W.E.Byers,   Miss K.Coleman,  Miss G.A.Dowsing,  Mr Hunter,   Mr J.H.B.Murdock, 
Miss E.H.Smith,     Miss Florence Volckman,     Mr Victor Wilson.

Third Class -
Miss Alice Bell,     Mr Patrick Clifford,     Mr F.P.Duff,     Mrs E. Fleming,    Miss M.L.Haggar,     Mr John Hanrahan,    Mr W. Heald,     Miss Margaret Ryan, 
Miss E.L.Ryan,     Miss Catherine Johnstone,      Miss Agnes Johnstone,      Miss Sarah johnstone,      Miss K. Kinnor,     Mr Joseph Keaney,    Mr James Miller, 
Mr David Miller,     Mr W. Smellie,     Mr E.W.Wheatley,     Mrs Wheatley.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
30 January  2006