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Saturday 16 May 1891
Ruapehu,  R.M.S.S.  4163 tons,  Findlay, R.N.R.  for Rio de Janeiro and London. NZ Shipping Co. Agents.

I have put this list in alphabetical order, for easier reading.  if anyone would like a copy of the original,  email me.

Passenger list:-
Mr & Mrs Andrew,      Mr & Mrs Awdry,       Misses Audry (2)  
Mr & Mrs Barkas,      Miss Barkas,      Mr Baird,   Mr Beatty,       Mrs Bingham,      Mr Bisdie,   Misses Bisdie (2),   Buckley,  
Mr & Mrs Chatwin,
Mrs & Miss Dicken,        Mrs & Miss Davis,      Mrs Dixon,      Mr Ellis,
Dr Frankish,      Miss Hall,      Mr Hamlin, Mr & Mrs Hamlyn, (2)   Miss Hitchens,    Mr Hoad,  Mr & Mrs Holwell,   Mr Hunt,   Mr Hunter,   
Mr & Mrs Kennedy,  Mrs & Miss Kingston,      Mr & Mrs Lane,      Rev & Mrs Lewis,      Mr Luke,  
Mr McCracken,   Mr McKinnon, Mr & Mrs Machin,  Mr Minney,   Mr & Mrs Maude,   Mr Meek,  
Mr Nathan,
Mr & Mrs Nicholson,  Master & Miss Nicholson,     Mr & Mrs Norman,      Misses Norman (2),
Mr Petersen,   Mrs Pirie,      Mr Ridge,   Captain Rose,  
Mr Saunders, Mrs & Miss Sharpe,  Mr Slader,   Mr & Mrs Smith & child,  Miss Smith,   Mr Spence,  Mr & Mrs Storey,  Master Storey,  Miss Strongitharm,
Mrs & Master Tomlin,  Misses Tomlin, (3)   Mr Thorpe,  Miss Tregenzie,  
Mrs Walker,  Mr & Mrs Wagstaff,  Master & Miss Wagstaff,  Mr Williams   Mr Warren,   Mr Warring,  Mr Watson,  Miss Williams, 

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ

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