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19 March  1891    - Aorangi   R.M.S.S. 2655 tons,     J.A.Sutcliff,    for Rio de Janeiro and London.     New Zealand Company, agents.

-    Saloon -
Mr James Somervil,     Mr A.W.Somervil,      Mr H.T.Stilman,    Miss M. Stilman,     Mr G.A. Fielden,    Miss Fielden,
Mr H.N.A. Harrison,     Mr C.E.Donnell,    Rev. R.W.Baker,      Mr Tapley Bacon,    Miss Bacon,     Mr R.H.Lee.    Mrs Rosina,    Mr O. A. Calvert, 
Mr J.H.Williams,     Mr John Petrie,     Mr Francis Arkwright,     Br Bernard Lawson,      Mr Reginald March,     Mrs March, 
Misses Margaret, Mary and Edith March,       Miss Clara Taylor,    Mr T.A.Reynolds,

Second saloon -
Mr Owen Hawes,     Mr F.Wilson,     Mr Adolf Ahlfeld,     Mr Thomas Harrison,     Mrs Florence Harrison,     Mr F.T.Webb,     Mr H.V. Anson, 
Mrs Francis Anson,      Masters Anchitel,      George Richmond, and Archibald Anson,      Misses Francis and Mildred Anson,      Rev, Joseph Copeland, 
Mrs Margaret Littlejohn,        Miss Elizabeth Littlejohn,      Mrs Agnes Milne,      Master J.S.Rowden,     Miss Sarah Belford,     Mrs Alice Back, 
Miss Mary Wrigley,       Mrs M.J.Heywood,       Misses Mary and Emily Heywood,      Miss Eliza H. Robertson,      Master Gilbert Robertson,
Miss M.E.Chivers,     Mr Thomas Durant,       Mr John Hosking,       Mr George Dewey,       Mr John Pirie,      Captain Francis Hayter,     Mr A.H.R. Porter, 
Mr Henry Battens,     Mrs Selina Battens,     Mr A.Y.Smith,      Mr John Cunningham, (2)      Mrs W.B.Cunningham.     Mr Anderson,   r Maurice Fitzgerald, 
Mrs Nora Fitzgerald,

Steerage -
Mr Peter Keenan,       Mr Henry East,     Mrs Eliza East,      Miss Eva East,      Mr George Thompson,     Mrs Janet Thompson,    Mr H. Vivian,  
Mrs Gertrude Vivian,      Misses Vivian (2)       Mr J.D. McKean,     Mr C.E. Colechin,      Mr Alex T. Whittle,      Mr Robert Berd,     Mr  Joseph Emerson, 
Mrs Marian J.Mole,     Master Stephen Mole,      Mr & Miss Minnett,     Mr & Mrs Creive,    Miss and Master Creive,      Mr W. Wakerman. Mr J.Hill, 
Mr W.Burnell,     Mrs Jan Burnell,      Miss Mary Burnell,     Mr E.Stubbs,     Mr J.E.R.Varley,    Mr G. Savage,     Mrs  Mary Brown,     Mr C. Woolgar,  
Miss Eliza Withers,      Mr M.A.Craven,      Mrs and Master Jennings,      Mr J.H. Chapman,     Miss Clara Chapman,      Misses Chapman  (2)  
Master Chapman,     Mr George Bridle,     Mr L.Moller,     Mr Charles F.Moller.

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Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
22  December  2005