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Monday 15 June 1891
June 13 -  Kaikoura  R.M.S.S  4474 tons,  Crutchley,     for Rio de Janeiro and London.  NZ shipping Co Agents.

Mr Hook,     Mrs Julius,  
Messrs Reeves (2),     Breechin,     Captain Broom, 
Messrs Hill,     Manifold,     Turnbull, 
Mrs Turnbull,     Miss Walker,      Mr Walker,     Miss Zinman,      Mr.Mrs and Miss Tosswill, 
Messrs Buchanan,    Cargill,     Catchpole,     Mrs Catchpole,      Mr & Mrs Collins,      Mr Cornish, 
Misses Crawford, (2)     Mr Egan,     Mr & Master J.Evans, 
Mr & Mrs Faulkner,     Mr Hopkinson,     Miss Ibbet, 
Messrs McKenzie,     Mundell,    Reid,    Ritchie,     Misses Ritchie, (3) 
Messrs Sinclair,     Waters,    Smith,    and Mrs C.Winter.   

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
23 February  2006