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Thursday 5 February 1891  
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Wellington - Shipping -   DORIC -     The Doric sails at noon for London via Rio.

Passengers -   First saloon -
Messers A. Buchanan,    White,    Haul,    Smith,    J.Leitch,    W.Leitch,   G.H.Mitchell,    Dr Nedwell,    Rev. Mr Field,    Major- General Johnston,
Misses A. Leech,    W.Duncan,    Webb (2)    and Mrs Ferguson.

Second saloon -
Mr & Mrs Watt and family,     Mr & Mrs Thomas,     Mrs & Miss Clements,     Mrs &  Master Bolan,    Mr & Master Palmer,    Misses Hughson and Harris,
MrsArthur Rawson,    Messers Herbert,    and Shaw,

Steerage -
Mesdames Robertson, and Stottingdale,    
Messrs Aitken,   Stottingdale,    Handcock,   Macarthur,    Horman,    Jensen,    Parry and Knight.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ