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Ionic  RMSS  3070 tons,  W.H.Kiddey,  for London,  via Rio de Janeiro.  Dalgety & Co.  Agents.

Passengers  -
First Saloon  -
Mr W. Kinrose WHITE,        Mrs Frances S.White,        Masters Colin  &      Norman White,  
Mr W. NELSON,        Mrs Emma C. Nelson,         Miss M.G.Nelson,    
Mr C.W.KING,        Miss A.C.King,        Miss M.King
Rev George BIRD,        Mr Alfred WHITE,        Mr Ernest DAWBARN,       Mr Rudolph FINCK,      Mr Edward BOND,      Dr WHIRSON?
General YOUNGHUSBAND,      Miss PERRY,      Miss McCAUL,        Mr HAMMOND,           Mr SCHAUB,         Mr A.B.TOLL,       Mr R.H.KIRBY,    Mr Francis BROWNING,    Mrs Meta Browning,     Miss Emily BROWNING,  
Miss Ida SPOONER,        Mr W.C.NIMMO,        Miss Beatrice FLETCHER,      Mr A.E.PACK,     
Mr J.R.W.COOK,      Mrs Cook, 
Mr T.J.YOUNG,          Miss E.FORD,          Miss E. COTTON,         Colonel C.E.P.SIMPSON,        Colonel W.F.SCOTT,       Mr R.F.BEALEY, 
Mr A.W.TORLESSE,        Miss C.J.REEVES,        Mr C.J.TAYLOR,      
Mr BEAUMONT,      Mrs Beaumont,      Master Beaumont,   
Mr BROWN,      Mrs Brown, 
Mrs RITCHIE,       Miss RUSSELL,      
Mr ELDER,      Mrs and Master Elder,

Second Saloon  -
Mr and Mrs B.P.DAWSON, 
Mr W. BEATTY,         Mr E.H.SELF,     
Mrs WELLS,  Miss and Master Wells, 
Mr and Mrs D. WRIGHT,  
Mr F. COUNER?         Mrs J.KEIR,            Mr G. BROOMHEAD,         Mrs JACKSON,         Mr Peter BYJAM,        Mr J. HUGHES, 
Mr A.B.LAMPORT,       Mrs DOBSON,        Mrs MOODY,          Mr MAKGILL.

Steerage  -
Harry JELLY,        Alex BLAIR,      
Morris J.HUGHES,         G.H.MacDONALD,         W.CALVERT,  
Mrs Agnes RANDLE,  Catherine Randle,  Master Randle, 
W.BENNETT,         Matthew CARRICK,        T.ROBINSON,         Mrs Ellen SAINSBURY,        Edwin SMITH,          Ellen REEVE, 
Thos. HEARFIELD,       Mrs SUTTON,         Miss M.N.MOAKLEY,       W.WOODALL,          James KIRKWOOD,    
Henry CONSTANTINE,   Emma,  Fred, Mary, Leonard Henry and John Constantine,  
Mrs F.TAYLOR,        Mr BAILEY,        Mr O.ANDERSON,        Mrs ALLEN,        Mr W, BROWN,       Mr T. HARTLEY.

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