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2 December  1890   page 3

The following are passengers by the R.M.S.Tainui,  which left London on 30 October  -

First Saloon  - 
Mr and Mrs Armitage;     Mr R.Bealey:    Mr and Mrs J.H.Bicket:    Mr and Mrs Bodkin:     Mr N. Carnegie:    Miss E. Cressey:   Mr and Mrs Charles Dunkley:      Master Dunkley:     Miss Dunkley:     Messrs N.H.Everett:    Norton Francis:    Captain and Mrs Fraser:    Mr H. Fraser:      Mrs Finber?     Miss Kate Gardiner:       Mr and Mrs Theodore Glasgow:      Mr A.S.Grealey:      Misses B.and E. Griffiths:      Mrs Duff Hewitt:     Messrs Fred W. Hickson:     George Huntress:      
W. Jackson:   Miss Keightley:     Mr A. Keightley:     Mr and Mrs E.G.Meade Waldo:     Miss S. Meade Waldo:   Masters E. and G.Meade Waldo:       
Miss D. Meade Waldo:    Messrs James Nimmo:   Thomas Nimmo:   C. Olgilvie:    J.Petrie:    Richardson:    Alfred Spring:   the Ven Archdeacon Stock,  
Mrs Stock:     Mr W. Theobald:   Dr and Mrs Waylen.  

Second Saloon  -
Misses J. and L. Black:    Messrs G. Blades:   Wm Bowson:   Joseph Corpe:   Miss E. Corpe:   Mrs and Miss Dyer:     Misses D. and E. Dyer:     
Mrs Raymond Girwood?      Messrs Fred Goodacre:    E.A.Grain:      E. Gret?er:       E.J.C.Hart:      W.Hart:      Mrs Kate Hart:           Messrs A. Hume:          W.N.Leatham:     Miss M. Marsh:      Mr A. McKee:      Mrs McKee and family:     Master McKee:   Captain J.Mowlem:   Messrs T.M.Punnett:    B.Rickard:   L.Robertson:    Rev. M.Ross:    Messrs J.Ross:    F.J.Webb:    L.Williams:   E.C.Wormald:      and 65 steerage.

18  December  1890  page 3
Dec. 18. - Tainui,  R.M.S.S.  5031 tons,  E.J.Evans,  from London,  via Teneriffe,  Capetown  and Hobart.  National Mortgage and Agency Co. agents.
Passengers  - 
Saloon  -   
for Lyttelton  -       Messrs R.J.Bealey;   J.Petrie;   M.A.Holmes;   Master J. Holmes.
for Wellington  -      Mr N.H.Everett;   Miss Keightley;  Mr A.Keightley;   Ve. Archdeacon Stock,  Mrs Stock;   Mr W. Theobold;  
for Nelson  -           Miss E. Cressey;   Mr and Mrs Glasgow;   Mr C. Olgilvie;
for Port Chalmers  -  Captain  and Mrs Fraser;   Dr and Mrs Waylen;
for Auckland  -      Messrs J.Nimmo;      T. Nimmo;   J.G.Brown.

Second Saloon  -
for Lyttelton  -  Mr W. Bowron;   Miss E. Moffatt;   Mr J.Ross;   Mr and Mrs Fisher;  
for Wellington  -  Misses J. and L. Black;   Mr J. Corfe;   Miss E. Corfe;   Mr A.Hart;   Miss R. Hart;   Mr and Mrs Hinckley;   Captain Mowberry;  
                                Mr B.Rickard;  
for Port Chalmers  -  Mrs D.L.Adamson;      Mr A.Alexander;   Mrs and Miss Blackmore;   Messrs Brown;  and A. Hume;
for Napier      -     Messrs Dempster;   R.Troughton;   E.A.Grain;  
for Auckland -    Mr A. McKee;   Miss L. Robertson;   Mr F.J.Webb;  
for New Plymouth  -  Mr W.N.Leatham
for Otago  -  Miss M.March;  
for Nelson -  Mr T.M.Punnett
for Greymouth -  Mr H.Thomas;

Steerage  -
for Lyttelton  -
Mr and Mrs Barrett;   Misses Barrett (3)   Mr R. Charnley;   Mr and Mrs Harding and infant;   Mr M.McNicol;   Mr A.Mewitt;   Mr J.Patton;  
Mr James Patton;   Miss Patton;   Mr B.Pheean;   Mr F.J.Richards;   Mr H.O.Rule;

for Wellington  -
Mr H.J.Baldson;   Miss K.Ford;   Mr W.G.Gould;   Miss E.Kildall;   Mr W.A.Pitt;

for Port Chalmers  -
Mr H. Annan;   Mr W. Bill;   Mr J.Brisley;   Mr R.Brisley;   Mr J.Carmichael;   Mr W.Fitzpatrick;   Mrs Gruar  and 2 children;   Mr M.McGrath;  
Mr G.J.McPhee;   Mrs M.Philip and 3 children;      Mrs M.Phillips;   Mrs A.Randall and 2 children;   Miss C.Sime;  

for Auckland  -
Mr W.Archibald;   Mr H.J.Brown;   Mr E.A.Foster;   Mr A.Howes;   Mr R.Lindsay;   Mr D.McDonald;   Mr P.McErlam;   Mrs J.Neave and child;  
Miss A.Rayner;   Mr G.Satterthwaite;   Mrs O.Smith;   Miss E.Squires;   Mr J.R.Wilson;  

for Timaru  -    Mr J.Brown;   Miss A.Tasker;
for Otago  -  Mr W.Cowper;  
for New Plymouth  -   Mr F.J.Crossley;   Mr D.griffin;  
for Bluff  -  Mr and Mrs Diamond and infant;   Mr and Mrs Lindsay;   Miss A.McArthur;  
for Napier -  Mr and Mrs Vickery;   Miss M.Heuston;   Mr and Mrs Hughes and child;  
for Nelson  -  Mr and Mrs Woodfield;
for Oamaru  -  Mr and Mrs Grubb;   Miss A. Grubb;   Miss J.Grubb;  
for Wanganui  -  Mr B.Harper

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