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31 December  1890  
Wellington,  December  30
The R.M.S. Kaikoura  arrived from London  at 1 o'clock  this afternoon.  2 children among the  steerage passengers who had been suffering from scarletina
were removed to the quarantine station  -----   he actual steaming time was 43 days 1 hour.   she brings  116 bags of mail  and 18 boxes parcel post.

Passengers  for Lyttelton  -
Saloon  -  Mr and Mrs Lee,  Miss Fielder,     Messrs Ecten,  Fielder,  Golden  and Page,       Major-General Fielder
Second cabin  -  Mr and Mrs mcGibbon and 3 children,   Mr, Mrs and Master Smith,  Miss James,  Messrs  Millar,  Sykes and Weston,
Steerage  -  Mr and Mrs Bartle and 3 children,  Mr and Mrs Davies,  Mr and Mrs Purcell,  Misses Brown  and McCombe,  Messrs Aldridge, Billington, Henry,                                          Maxwell,  Machin,  O'Donnell,  Reece,  Smith.

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