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6 September  1889   page 2

AORANGI  -    which sailed from Wellington  yesterday.
Saloon  -  
Messrs J.Still;     Rogers;     Cooke;    Wright;    Mr and Mrs Hunt;     Mrs Faulkner;     Misses Faulkner (3)    Master Faulkner;     Misses Williamson;    Goodwin;   Messrs  Plumptre;    Baldwin;     Perrin;     Gibson;     Adams;    Mr and Mrs Wood;    Misses Wood (2);     Masters Wood ( 2)     Mr Ballantyne;  
Mr and Mrs Baker;    Master and Miss Baker;     Mr Jack; 

Steerage  -
Mrs Shuttleworth;     Mr Smith;     Mr and Mrs Smith;    Miss Smith (2);    Masters Smith (3);    Mr and Mrs Taylor;     Masters Taylor (2);    Misses Taylor (2);   Edith Wesson;     Mr and Mrs Hunter;     Masters Hunter (4)    Misses Hunter;     Lambert;     Messrs Edwards;     Webb;    May;    Williams;    Wooley;    Harris;   and Douglas.

9 September  1889  page 2
RIMUTAKA    -   arrived from London    - 
Mr Wilson,  Chief and General Manager of the Midland Railway Company  is a passenger.

Passengers  for Christchurch  - 
Saloon  -     Misses   H.L.Hay;   Mein;    G.Wilson;    F.Milton;    Mr and Mrs Wilson;    Mr Hay; 
Second Saloon  -     Miss Webster;     Mr and Mrs Webster;     Messrs F.Brown;     G.Clark;     C.T.Howell;     D.M.Morlett; 
Steerage  -  Miss M.A. Davies;   Mrs Hastland;   Mr and Mrs Hood;  Mr and Mrs Silverhood  and son;   Messrs E.Bucknel,  Barber;  G.Wheeler;  and G. Baird.

9 September  1889
Bluff   -   Wave Queen  -    Kelly   -  from London 

For Bluff -    Messrs Meadowcroft;   Martin;   Goodwin;
For Dunedin  -  Miss Sise;   Messrs Sise (2);  Perry;  Hall;   Thomson (2);   Bullinmore;  Dr Percival; 
For Lyttelton  -  Miss Girle;   Messrs Harris;   McFarlane;   Warner;   Mason;
For Wellington  -  Mr Saunders;  
For Auckland -  Miss Smith;
32 steerage  for all Ports.

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