Papers Past  -  Star - Christchurch  -  17  October  1889  -  TAINUI -    London - New Zealand

The following passengers were booked  per s.s. Tainui  for New Zealand up to September 6th 1889 -

First Saloon  -  
Mr & Mrs Torre  and family,   Miss Ribbons,    Hon E.A.P.Molesworth,    Mr and Mrs Baker and family,   Mrs Davie,   Mr Acland Hood,   Major Hay,   
Messrs Wilkes,   Marsing   and   Hopewell,  Mr and Mrs  Phetch and child,  Mr Heathcote and  Miss Smith,  

Second Saloon  -
Miss Buchanan,   Mr, Mrs and Master Smith,    Misses Crawford and Cook,    Mr and Miss Murgatroyed,  
Mesdames  Firman,  Goldstein and family,  Kirkpatrick and party,  and Kitchen and family,   Mr Cunier,   Miss Shepherd,  Mr and Mrs Dodson,   
Messrs Buchanan,  Rose  and Maiden,  Miss Packer,  Mr Coleman,  Dr Inglis,  Messrs  Henley,  Lund and Averill,   Miss Clarke,  Mr Tiddy, and Miss Swan.

Steerage  -
Mr and Mrs Amner  and party,   Mrs Foster and son,  Mr and Mrs Hewitt,  Misses Parsons (2),  Messrs Kerr and Wood,  Miss McDonald,    Mr Matheson,   
Mrs Fletcher,  Mr Blackhall,  Miss Canadus,  Messrs Archer,  Maidens  and Wooley,  mrs Millar,  Mr Jones,  Mrs Scrus and party,  Messrs  Hatch and Alsson,   Miss Barber,  Mr and Mrs Buscombe and party,  Messrs Bottomley and party and Crooks,  Miss Elkin,  Mrs King,  Miss Pursey,   Messrs Hill and McClymont,  Miss Earr,  
Mr and Miss Pilson,    Messrs Adams  and Towsey,   Miss Wood,  Me and Mrs Jones and family,  Mr Weale,  mr and Mrs Kennedy  and family, 
Mr and Mrs Weekes,   Messrs Amos,  Boys and smith,   Mr and Mrs Harrison,  Mr Tennant,  Mr and Mrs Clark and family,  and Mr Muriell.