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The RMS  Ruapehu  arrived from London at 5-30 this morning.  She left London  on August  28,  Capetown  on September 18  
and Hobart on October 8th.    Her mails included 256 bags,  6 packets,  and 18 boxes  parcel post.     The voyage occupied  43 days.

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14 October   1889  -
Passengers  for Lyttelton  -
Saloon  -        Mrs and Master Colledge,   Miss Case,   and Mr Dalston,      Mrs Green,   Messrs  Musgrave,  White  and Winslow.
Steerage  -    Mrs Bates,  Mr and Miss Bayliss,   Misses Commander (2),  Mr and Mrs Emmett,   Mr and Mrs Bowden  and family,   Messrs  Duler, 
                            Neek (2),   Bates (3) ,   H. Cox,  J. Malcomson,  J. Wakeford,   and J. Watkins.

16 October   1889  
Lyttelton  -  arrived  -    Ruapehu  RMSS  4163  tons   FINDLAY,   from London,  via Plymouth,   Teneriffe,  Cape Town,  Hobart,  and Wellington. 
NZ  Shipping Co Agents.
Passengers  -  
First Saloon  -     Mrs  and Master  Colledge,         Mr Dalston.
Second Saloon  -      Mrs Green,       Messrs White,      Wilson,       Musgrave.
Steerage  -        Mesdames  Lambert,         Bowden,  nurse and children;         Bates  and 3 children,         Bayliss,         Emmett,        Misses Nee, 
                        Duller,        Bayliss,      Commander (2),   Messrs Lambert,        Bowden,    Cox,       Watkins,        Kneek,        Emmett,       Moovis, 
                                Malcolmson,      Wakeford.

Coastal passengers  -  from Wellington  -  
First saloon
-     Mr and Mrs Chaffey,       Mr Buckley.

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Beverley Evans
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31 August  2007