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Monday  29 October  1889 
Tainui  RMSS   5031  tons,  BARLOW,   from London  via Plymouth,  Teneriffe,  Capetown  and Hobart.   Dalgety and Co. agents,

Passengers  for Lyttelton  -
Saloon  -   Mr Ackland Hood,      Mrs Davie,      Mr and Mrs Barker and child,       Miss Gray,      Mr Heathcote,  
Second Saloon  -    Miss Packer,      Messrs Buchanan,       Coleman,      Dr Inglis,      Messrs Rose,     Maidens,      Harley.
Third Class  -
Miss Macdonald,       Messrs Mattheson,       Maidens,       Mrs Lewis and 2 daughters,       Misses Wood, 
Pursey,        Messrs Adams,      Gemmell,        Scott,       Hatch,        Amos,        Cullen,       Nichols,       McHale, 
Mr and Mrs Jones  and 2 children.

Port Chalmers  -
Saloon  -    Mr and Mrs Ahlfeld  and infant.
Second Saloon  -      Miss Crawford,       Mrs Firmiss,       Miss Cook,       Mrs Boyes,  
Third Class -
Messrs Woodley,         Jones,       Bothomley (2),       Jowsey,        Tennant,       Murrell,      Misses Miller,      Bothomley (2)
 Mr and MrsKennedy  and 7 children,        Mrs Fletcher,         Mr and Mrs Clark and 4 children,  

For Wellington  -
Saloon  -    Major Hay,  
Second Saloon     -  Messrs Tiddy,  Averill,  Lund,  Misses Clarke,  Swan,
Third Class  -  Miss Canadies,    Messrs McClymont,      Smith,      Alison,        Smith,       Bartlett,      Archer,       Mr and Mrs Hanson.

For Auckland  -  
Saloon  -   Miss Smith.
Second Saloon  -  Mr and Mrs Dodson,        Miss Shepherd,        Mrs Kirkpatrick and 2 children,         Mrs Goldstein and 2 children, 
Mrs Kitchin and 3 children,
Third Class  -
Mrs Blackhall,        Mr Crooks,         Miss Elkin,         Mr Farr,         Mr and Mrs Bolland and family,        Mr Harmes, 
Mr and Mrs Burcombe and 2 children,  

For Napier  -
Saloon  -  Mr and Mrs Tone,       Misses Tone (2),           Mr Ribbons,        Hon A.P. Molesworth,  
Third Class  -  Messrs Hewitt,        Hill,        Pillsen,        Kerr,       Miss Pilsen,

For Nelson 
Third Class  -   Mr and Mrs Amner and 7 children,          Mr Mulleney.

For Gisborne  -  
Saloon  -  Mr Bayley,  
Third Class  -  Mr Penny

For Taranaki  -
Third Class  -  Mr Weale,         Mr and Mrs Wicker  and child.  

For Westport  -
Third Class  -  Mrs E. King.

For Bluff  -  
Second Saloon       - Mr and Mrs Smith  and child,        Miss Buchanan,
Third Class      -  Mrs Foster and child,

For New Plymouth  -
Third Class  -   Misses Parsons  (2),

For Timaru  -
Third Class  -  Mr Wood.

For Oamaru  -
Third Class  -  Mrs Barber

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
2 September  2007

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