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Thursday 18 October  1889  
Sailed  -  Ionic  for London  via Roo de Janeiro.
Passengers  -  

From Wellington     -   Mr Argill,
From Auckland    -  Mr and Mrs Grice and infant.
From Hobart    -  Mrs Wilson  and Miss Eade
From Adelaide    -  Miss Beetham
From Napier   -  Miss Sparks.

Second Saloon 
From  Wellington  -   Mesdames Barber  and Aimslee  and Messrs Barber,  Tattersall  and Allan.
From Dunedin  -  Messrs  Howard,  Rofold,  Tingle,  Stewart,   and Vickery
From Auckland  -  Mrs Mold  and 2 children,   and Mrs  Forshaw.
From Melbourne  -  Major Burrows,  
From Christchurch  -  Mr McFarlane,
For Rio de Janeiro  from Auckland  -      Messrs Wilkinson  and Runciman,  
and 20 steerage  from all ports.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
 2 September  2007