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departure of the "AORANGI"  for London

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Wellington  -    March  8
sailed 5-45pm  RMS Aorangi  for London  sailing  Rio Janeiro,  Madeira,  and Plymouth.

She has 33 saloon,   58 second saloon,   and 53 steerage passengers. 
Her cargo space is all occupied and her frozen meat chambers having been enlarged,  she takes double the quantity meat formerly carried.  

The following is a list of her passengers:

Saloon -  
Misses -  T.L. Barclay,      Greenwood,       E. Jones,      Nora Kemp,      Mellish,      Margaret Marsh,      Ethel Neville,      M.E.Paisley,      Vogel,  
D. Rose,      Hannah Smith,    and Wiggins.

Mesdames -  Neville,       Warner,       Cocks,        Fisher,      Leahy,      Medilsh?      and Lady Vogel.
Bishop Neville,    Sir J.Vogel,   

Messrs  -  W.E. Barrett,       George S. Fisher,       John H. Glyn,       Harris,       Reginald Marsh,      H.R.Morton,     D.McArthur,      G.J.G Tanered, 
H and A. Williams,       W.F.Warner     and Master C.A.Gall

Second Saloon  -
Misses  -     M. Beaumont,      Duncan,      L.Green,       and M. Wilson, 

Mesdames  -     Agar and boy,       Anderson and family (4),      Bull,      Cook and  2 boys,      Citron and family (2),       Durham,       Kemp and family (4),    Allwright,      Menhennet,       Putman,        Sykes and family (5),           Vivian and daughter,       Watson and family (2),     
 Revs Richard Morton     and F. Charmarton?

Messrs   -  George Agar,       Harry Allwright,       W.Arundell,        Philip Bull,       Henry Citron,       W.& P.Heywood,        Charles Hartman, 
 Donald Kemp,       Hugh Miller,       E.McFie,      James Quin,      M.R.Rainey,       R & J Ballingshaw,      W. Sykes,      and Watson.

Steerage  -
Miss Agnes Payton, 
Mesdames   -    Blackburn,       Ormsby? and family (8),          Dedman,        Glasson and family (3),         Grimes,       Lynds,     Machin,    
 Storey and family (2),        White,        Whittingham  and family  (7),  

Messrs   -   Joseph Blackburn,       Richard Crosby,       Charles Cochrane,          D. Dryborough,         L.---Gale?,         W. Gransden,         Robert Gibson,    Thomas Grimes,         Charles Harden,      Frank Horton,        Herbert Inglis,         J & R. Johnston,        William Lynds,         Matson,          E. McKinna,   W.H.Plumridge,         George Smith,          Walter Wheatley,        John Williams,         William Whittingham,          and Benjamin Crosby.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
11 July 2007