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Friday  16   March 1888 
Auckland    -   arrived   R.M.S. Coptic,    Captain BURTON,     from London,     via Teneriffe,    Capetown,  and Hobart.

Passengers  -  
First Saloon  -
Mesdames    -  Cawe?l    Ritchie,  and Young,      Miss Emily de ?Brecy,       Miss Barr,     Rev W.H.Hooper,      Professor Posuett?
Messrs  -  Bewley,   J.E.Coker,   A. Nelson,   W.J.Pierce,     G.S.Ranson,    .M.Ritchie,      H.C.Young,      Master Ritchie,    Master Young.

Second Saloon 
Mesdames  -   W.Norris?,  and Richards,  
Misses  -   H. Bailey,  Calley,    M.Coomber,     harlotte M.Frew,      Hurrill?,      J.McLachlan,      and N.A.McGuire,  
 Dr?  M.Gledden,     Captain J.Richards,
Messrs   -     W.Morris,     Thomas N.L.Powell,     A.E.Smith,   
and 51 steerage.

The voyage occupied 41 days,   Captain Bence,  of the Coptic,  died on the last voyage Home from New Zealand,  on the 3rd day after leaving Wellington. 
from an attack of paralysis of the heart.  Mr  C.H. Kempson,   chief officer,  took charge of the vessel for the remainder of the voyage.

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