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Sunday   2 December  1888   page 2
- R.M.S.S.,      4473 tons,   H.K. Greenstreet,   from Plymouth (Oct 26),   via Teneriffe (Oct 23)    Capetown (Nov 9)  and Hobart (Nov 28).        New Zealand Shipping Company, agents

Passengers:       Saloon:
For Lyttelton 
Misses Gale (4),     Jones,     Captain Fisher,    
Messrs Becker;     Bibby,     Cowhsaw,     Elworthy,     McArthur,     Pitcher,     Forester,  Brown,     Master Fisher;

For Timaru   –  Miss Allen;
For Port Chalmers   –  Dr. Lawson,     Mr Thompson;
For Wellington  –  Miss Marsh (and nurse),     Messrs Marsh,     Stockburn;
For Napier  –  Miss Herbert;
For Gisborne  –  Misses Rees,     Scaife;
For Auckland  –  Misses Baber,     Owen,     Captain and Mrs Scott,     Messrs Herries,     Walker;
For Nelson  –  Mr and Mrs Sclanders;

Second Saloon:
For Lyttelton  –  
Mr and Mrs Allwright,     Mr and Mrs Dearsdey,    
Misses Duckworth,     Madocks,     Mills,     Fayers,     Mrs Gough,     Dr Deamer,
Messrs Croaker (2),     Gray,     Rosewarne,     Smith,     Twining,     Walker;

For Port Chalmers  
Mr and Mrs Broadbent,     Mrs Aiken (and three children),     Misses Haigh,     Pennycook,
Messrs Bishop,     Aitken,     Kennedy,     McGill,     Sarelby;

For Wellington  –  
Misses Barker,     Hardy (4);     Cheetham,     Richmond (2),     Shook,     Mr and Mrs Shook,     Mrs Richmond,
Messrs Hardy,     King,     Dawbn,     Master Shook;

For New Plymouth   –  Mr and Mrs Corbett;
For Nelson  –  Miss France,     Mr and Mrs France,     Rev W.H. Fletcher;
For Napier   – Misses Gibbons (2);
For Auckland  – Misses Wormald (8),     Mrs Wrigley,     Messrs Claudet, Hart;

Third Class:
For Lyttelton –    
Misses Bull,     Bullen,     Nicholson,     Thompson,     Wall,     Young,
Mr and Mrs Ritchie,     Mr and Mrs McCully and family (5),    
Mesdames Parks,     Young and family (7),
Messrs Andrew,     Buggy,     Bull,     Crum,     Davies,     McCrimpsey,     Hamer,     Leitch,     Looney,     Charlesworth,     Pearce,     Parks (3),     Rees,
Rudd,     Seeler;

For Port Chalmers  –      Misses Reid,     Russell,     Messrs Agnew (2),     Dunn,     Howard,     Leggat,     Main,     Munro;
For Timaru   –   Misses McKee,     McDonald,     Messrs Wise,     McKee,     McCalley;

For Wellington –    
Mr and Mrs Clarke and family (6),     Mr and Mrs Ritchie and family (6),
Mesdames Laxton,     Macpherson (and infant),     Temple (and infant),    
Messrs Barnson,     Derham,     Fahrenkrug,     Lawrenson,     Macpherson,     Smith;

For Napier – Mrs Griffiths;

For Auckland 
Misses Hewett,     Kewish,     Nicoll,     Speake (2),     Mr and Mrs Cain and family (6),     Mr and Mrs Gavenlack and family (5),
Mr and Mrs McDevitt and family (7),     Mrs Bristow,
Messrs Bratherton,     Halebrooke,     Phillips;

For Tauranga  –  Mr Donovan;
For New Plymouth  –  Mr Corkhill;
For Nelson  –  Mr Jones;

The  RIMUTAKA’S passage   -        A Fancy  Dress Ball      Christchurch Star  -  2 December  1888
The voyage of the Royal Mail Steamer Rimutaka from London to New Zealand, which terminated at Lyttelton on Sunday lat, was, notwithstanding the sad incidents which occurred, a most enjoyable one to the passengers.  The Rimutaka has always been a popular boat with the traveling public, thanks to the care and attention bestowed upon them by the officers, who are well-known to do all in their power to make the passage an enjoyable one.  The voyage just completed would probably have “taken the cake”, had it not been for the unfortunate incidents which have already been fully recorded in these columns.  These, however, were not the fault of the officers, and between the periods of gloom which naturally followed the accidents, the passengers, one and all, spent a most enjoyable time

Two farces, entitled “Turn Him Out” and “The Loan of a Lover” were performed, the characters being represented chiefly by saloon and second cabin passengers.  These helped to while away the time nicely, but the event which caused the greatest fun was a fancy dress ball, which was the theme of conversation, at least amongst the lady passengers for days before and days after it took place.  At the invitation of Captain Greenstreet, the first and second class passengers assembled on the main deck, and dancing was enjoyed for several hours, on the day before Hobart was reached.  Awnings were fixed around the rail and over-head, and the electric light from the ship was fitted upon the deck.  A Morris dance, by eight couples, was one of the features of the evening.  After dancing had been indulged in Captain Greenstreet provided supper, which was laid out in grand style by Mr Phillips, the chief steward. 

The following is a list of the characters represented:  -
Miss Allen, as Bo-Peep;         Miss Staite, Aesthetic Maiden, from “Patience”;          Miss Rees, Merry Maid, from “Yeomen of the Guards”;
Miss Sclanders, Spanish Lady;         Miss Owen, Fuchaia Flower;         Mrs Scott, Irish Peasant;         Miss Haigh, Neapolitan Fishwife;
Miss Pennycook, Scotia;         Miss Marsh, Little Red Riding Hood;         Miss Hardy, Ambulance Nurse;         Miss E. Hardy, Eritaumia;
Miss J.M. Hardy, Teneriffe Doll;         Miss K. Hardy, Gertrude, from “Loan of a Lover”,         Mrs Shoch, Spanish Lady;         Miss Gibbons, Sailor Costume; Miss France, Flower Girl;         Miss Jones, Snowflake;         Mr S.J. Becker, Chinese Tea Planter;         Mr Bibby, Ambulance;        
Mr W.B. Cowlishaw, Indian Chief;         Mr Pitcher, Footballer;         Mr Forster Brown, Cricketer;         Mr Herrier, Maori Chief;         Mr Walker, Artist;
Mr Sclanders, Italian Brigand;         Dr. Deamer, French Cook;         Mr Nichols, The Vagrant;         Mr Twining, Parti 1 Eclipse;        
Mr F. Walker, Stockman,         Mr Saxelby, Delve, from “Loan of a Lover”,         Mr. T.M. Hardy, Peter Spyk, from “Loan of a Lover”,        
Mr Claudet, Clown;          Mr Beresford, Irish Gentleman;         Mr Buchanan, Teneriffe Doll;          Mr H. Verner, The Great Mogul;        
Mr McGregor, Cook;         Mr M. Gray, Nanki Poo, from “Mikado”.

transcribed  by  Helen deLilla    for

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
June 2009

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