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14 December  1888
 – Ionic, R.M.S.S., 47?3 tons, W.H. Kidley, for Plymouth,    via Rio de Janeiro.    Dalgety and Co. agents. 

First Saloon
For London from Melbourne      – Mr James R. Laing,      Mrs Elizabeth Laing,      Mr John S. Quirk,      Mr Cyril Whatworth;
From Wellington        – Captain James Lowe,      Captain Fred Fisher;
From Auckland     –  Mr. J.S. Burnes;
From Christchurch      – Mr Nathaniel W. Edwards,      Mr H.S. Edwards,      Mr David Kelly;
From Oamaru     – Mr A.A. Fleming,      Mrs R. Fleming and child;
From Auckland       –  Mr H. Bibby.
For Rio de Janeiro  -    from Melbourne      –  Mr John Howard;

Second Cabin
For London from Auckland    –
Miss Annie E. Calvert,      Mrs Ann Calvert,      Mr and Mrs John Walton,      Miss Evelyn M. Walton,      Master John H. Walton.

For London from Dunedin –
Mr J. Dobson,     Mrs L.J. Godfrey,  Miss Emma Godfrey,  Miss Julia Godfrey,  Miss Edie Godfrey,  Master Edmund Godfrey,      Mr. H. Dingwall;    
From Auckland    – Mr W. Heald,      Mr W. Pearson;
From Christchurch    – Mr J.R. Jones,      Miss H.J. Kelly;
From Wanganui    – Mr K. Hart;
From Wellington    – Mr A. Williams,      Miss E. Williams,      Miss Williams,      Mr G. Bloom;
From Melbourne    – Mr W. Turpin,      Mr K. Turpin.
For Rio de Janeiro from Auckland     – Mr D. Connor,      Mr S.W. Stewart,      Mr W.H. Dorton,      Mr W. Brecken;

Transcribed by Helen DeLilla  

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