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Thursday  28 July 1887
Cleared   -     Ruapehu  R.M.S.S.  4163 tons,  Greenstreet,  for London.  NZ Shipping Co Agents.

Passengers  -
Saloon  -  
Mrs Hannah College,     Master Joshua College,      Mr W.H.Postlethwaite,      Miss Temple Friere,      Mr Edward Sinclair,       Mrs Louisa J. Sinclair, 
Miss Olive Wortley Sinclair,       Miss A.M.C.Simmons,     Miss Beryl Simmons,   Mr George Seton,     Mr R.S.Smythe,       Mrs Mary Agnes Pillans,  

Second saloon  -
Miss Mary Duckworth,      Miss A.F.Monserrat,       Mrs M. Miller,     Mr James Wallace,     Mrs Elizabeth Farrow,       Mr T. McGauran,     
Mr Thomas Sturdy,    Mr J.Lee Leesmith,      Mr Albert Simpson,      Mrs Lucy Howell, 

Steerage  -
Mr George Laity,       Mr Jens Frederickson,     Mrs Mazen (or Maren)  Frederickson,       Miss Jennie A. Frederickson,        Mr John Chapman,  
Master S. Chapman,      Mr H.E.Shave,       Mr G.Robinson,       Mrs J.Robinson,         Miss Alice Mary Robinson,        Miss Amelia Robinson, 
Miss Minnie Robinson,       Mr Francis Donelay,       MissJesse Michie,       Mr E.L.Hadland,       Miss Ann Hadland,       Mrs Sarah Howard, 
Mr Robert Howard,      Mrs Heywood,     Miss Heywood,      Mr J. Savill Laver,        Mr Walter Duncan,      Mr John Coventry,     Mr George Dando,  
Mr Claude Bucke,       Mr Albert Barnes,      Mr Richard Wise,      Mrs Bessie Barnes,       Mr J.F.Fitzgerald,       Mr L.Cunningham,       
Mr Robert Cambridge,   Mr P. Fitzgibbon,       Mrs Bridget Fitzgibbon,       Mr James Corbis,      Miss A. Jane Corbis,       Masters J. T.,  C.W.,  
 and  Charles Corbis

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