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Monday  5 December 1887
Wellington  -    KAIKOURA  
  -   from London,  she left Plymouth  on 22 October  1886,  the voyage lasted 41 days
The Kaikoura brings  550  passengers to New Zealand  of which 248 are nominated immigrants -

Passengers  for Lyttelton  - 
Saloon  - 
Mrs and Miss Bond;       Mr and Mrs W.P.Davies;      Mr E. Dymond;      Miss J.A.Hastie;      Misses Napier;      Rev. and Mrs G.W.Webster; (senior)

Second Saloon  -
Messrs  Gasburn;      R.Bird;      J.Hale;      Mrs Hardy;      Miss Olissaman;      Mr C. Meares;      Mrs Papps;      Miss E.Tennant;     

Steerage  -
Messrs A. Beamish;     T.Campbell;      J.Collie;      W.Condon;      C.Cook;      R.Crouch;      G.Currie;      H.Hill;      F.Maber;      W.Maber;      J.Maddocks;      R.McCandlish;        W.Gimpsey;      R.McKay and 5 children;      J.Newton;      T.Penall;      Mrs and Miss Price;     
Mr J.Scott;      Mrs and Miss Sowersby;      Mr and Miss Stephen;      Mrs Yates and 3 children.

Tuesday  20  December  1887
Port Chalmers  -   arrivel of the    DORIC  -   
from Plymouth  -  5 November 1886

Passage of 42 days,  she brings  23 saloon,  20  second saloon  and 71 steerage,  having landed 96 passengers at ports of call.

Passengers for Canterbury  -
Saloon  -
Mrs Bellamy and family (2);      Mr and Mrs Holdsworth;      Mrs Aikman;      Miss Marshall;     

Second Saloon  -
Mrs Davies and family (4);      Mr Woolff and 2 children;      Misses Leather;      Williamson;      Mr Cameron;     

Steerage  -
Mr and Mrs Gruby and child;   Mr and Mrs Elliott;   MrHarband;   Messrs Herbert; J.McKie;  I.E.Grose;  Olgilvie;  Quin;   Sheridan;   Child;   Vivian.

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