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Monday 1 March 1886   page 2   
Passengers  booked on the 
IONIC  to New Zealand, Australia  and  Fiji   -  up till 15 January  1886

For Auckland  - 
First saloon  - Mr W. Douglas;  Dr H.Possett?;  Mr Posnett? 
Second Saloon  -  Misses Von Willinger;    A. Smith;     Messrs G.M.Richards;     W. Clarke;     H.Horrocks; 
Steerage  -  Messrs J.Bonnick;     T. Lawrence;     Mr G.K. Anderson,  wife and family;     Mr E.L. Evans;      Mr Polly and family;      Miss White; 
                      Messrs H. White;      N. White;        W. Williams;       P.Wilkinson;      Mr and Mrs Cooper  and son;      Mr John May and family; 
                      Mr John Henderson and family;      Mr James Batchin;      Mr Arthur Corr and family.

For Wellington  -
First Saloon  -  Mrs Pearse               Steerage  -  Mr J. Osborne; 

For Melbourne  - 
First Saloon      -   Dr Scott and family;     Messers H. Stevenson;    P.G.Hutchinson; 
Second Saloon     -  Mr Ramsay;                 Steerage    -  Mesdames  Mary Edmonds;     Eileen Edmonds;

For Fiji  -    Second Saloon      - Mrs Ambler;    Misses E. Ambler,    L. Ambler, 
For Hobart    Second Saloon  -  Mr and Mrs Butler;      Steerage -     Messrs D. Cryhton;    F. Cryhton;    J. Burns; 
For Sydney  -    Second Saloon  -  Mr P.K.Hall;            Steerage  -  Mr A. Clark;
For New Plymouth  -  First Saloon  -  Mr W. Wilson;
For Napier  -    Steerage  -  Mr J. Maynard
For Canterbury  -  Steerage  -  Mr Charles Stevens

Saturday  6 March  1886  -  Arawa  leaves   for London   tomorrow afternoon  from Wellington page 2

The following passengers have booked  - 
Saloon  - 
Misses  - E. Armitage;   McFarlane;   Boyle;   E. Hicksmoore;   Russell; Vallance (3);   M.Crat--n (2)   and Williams.
Mesdames  - Russell;  J.Little;  Skinner and child;  Moore;  Banner;  Beadon?  McLaurin;  Revs H. Williams  and Bauner;  Dr Bidwell;  Captain Beadon; 
                        Lieutenant Pakenham;
Messrs  -  Vallance;  McLaurin;  R. Gibbs;  Page;  A. Cowper;  H.Wilson;  J.Mackat;  D.Smith;  J. Macmarten;  R. Fink?   Musgrave;  J.McRae;  J.Hawkins;                                  O'Coombs;  De Moyte;  Twist;  A.Smith;  J.Joseph Cohn;  Allan;  P.Henderson;  and Montgomery.

Second cabin  - 
Miss Dodds;    Mesdames -   Partridge;   Bailey;   Dixon;   Jones;  and  Captain McCauley; 
Messrs -  Jones;   Edward Dixon;   G.A.Smith;   JamesSherriff;   Beach;   Taylor;   E.Caen;   L. Cockayne;   James Faulkner;   Miss W. Ledger?;

Steerage  - 
Misses  - Rhodes (2)  Mesdames Lewis;  McCauley and 3 children;   Easter;  Restall;  Whelan and 5 children; 
Messrs  - McCauley;  Whelan;  Easter;  Restall;  Dyson;  Rendall;  Wall;  Christenson:  Mason;  Neilson;  Chinney;  Davis;  King;  Norrie;  Hanson;  Sloane; 
                    Henly;   Akors;  Schlatt;  Stronach;  Murray;  McKenzie;   and Heath

Friday  12 March  1886    TONGARIRO  for London  -   sailed 5-30pm    page 2
Passengers  - 
Misses -  Adair;  Alexander;   Brown (2);   Fenwick;   French;   Holdship;   Lawrence;   Lumsden;  Nightingale;  Sunderland (2);  Wilkinson.
Mesdames  -  Binns;    Brown;   Brown;  Cowper;  Edgell;  Hunt;   Fenwick;   Holdship;  Hall;   Lewis;   Marshall;   Nightingale;   Palmer;   Sunderland;  
Messrs -  Acland;  Adair;  Binns (2);   Brown;   Burke;   Callis;   Danks;   Edgell;   Hunt;   Guiness;   Hill;   Holdship (2);  Hull;   Johnson;   Lee;  Lumsden;                                   Marshall;   Palmer;   Shepherd;   Spence;  Terry (2);   Wilkinson:   Dr Buller;   and Revs  Dean;  Cowper;  Lewis;  and Nightingale;

Second Saloon  -
Misses - Bartlett;   Butts;   Horsborough (2);   Lloyd (3);   Lowes;   Matson (3);  Merry;   Guinn?  and Worsley;
Mesdames - Barclay;  Butts;   Curry;   Gibbs;   Hope;  Horsborough;   Lloyd;   Lowes;   Matson;   Moys?  Nicholas;  Nicholl;  Rogers;  Ruddick;  Smith; 
Messrs  - Acton;  Barclay;   Calbrow;  Cummin;   Curry;   Good;   Hall;   Hope;   Horsborough (2)  Jennings;   Lloyd (3);  Matson;   May;   Milligan;   Milns;                              Nash;   Nicoll;  Rogers;   Ruddick;   W.Smith;   W. Smith;   J. Smith;   Williams;   Sealey;

Steerage  -
Misses -  Ashton (3);   Dore?  Gibbs;   Marriott;   Miller;   Stoddart;  
Mesdames -  Ashton;   Booth;   Buckley;   Driscoll;  Gibbs;   Marshall;   Roke;   Rowdon;  Stoddart;   Tiplady;  Watson;  
Messrs  -   Candlin;   Copp;   Doyle;   Driscoll (3)  Dubock;  Evans;   E.W.Bank;   Gibbs (5)  Power;   Guild;  Holmes;   Hyett;  Jeffreys;   Marshall (2);                                       McDougall;  Milnes (2)   Mitchell;   Moore?  Neoffer;   Purdin;  Rodgers;  Roke;   Roon;   Smith;   Stewart;   Stoadart;    Sykes;   Tiplady;                                           Toogood;   Tozer;   White;   Everard.

Monday  29 March  1886    -  COPTIC  -   left London   -    27 February  -   due  in New Zealand  11 April 1886
These passengers were booked  up to 12 February 

Saloon  -
For Otago  -     Mr McAndrew;  Miss Broughton;   Mr A. Vorrall;   MissDent;   Dr Upton;  
For Napier  -   Mr C. Burnett.
For Canterbury  -  Mr and Mrs Favill; 
For Auckland    -   Mr and Mrs A. Nathan
For New Plymouth  Mrs and Miss brodie

Second Saloon  -
For Wellington  -  Mr and Mrs Manttan  and family;  
For Otago  -  Miss Towsey?    Mr Skene;
For Canterbury  -  Mr Joynt;   Miss Guilbert;  
For Nelson  Mr H.P.Cox;
For Sydney  -  Mr and Mrs Hill  and Family;   Mr David and Mr Vanderpump;

Third Saloon  -
For Wellington  - Messrs  J. Valentine;  D. Monrad;  Misses M. Gowland;  A. Humphrey;  Messrs E. Br-hn;  Thos. Napkin;  F. Hill;
For Auckland -  Messrs H.Shrimpton;   E. Se-ders;  R. Wilson;  J.Waterhouse;   C.Gilbert;   S.Smith;  A. Burton; 
For Otago  -  Mr H.Copland;   Mr F. Franklin;
For New Plymouth  -  Eliz Scofle?
For Melbourne  -  Mr and Mrs Smith and family;  Mr and Mrs Delasand;
For Hobart  -  Messrs F. Horner;  J.Weld;
For Sydney  -  Messrs A. Goldsworthy;  J. Seaton;

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