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Tuesday 12 January   1886
TONGARIRO     -    Passenger list  -  
The following is a list of the passengers booked  per  R.M.S.S.  Tongariro  up to December 3rd  to  sail  December  17th  -

First Saloon  -  
For Auckland 
Mrs Stevenson and family  (7),   Messrs G.C. McIntyre,   J.E. Wallis,   F.H. Atkinson,  Miss A. Atkinson,

For Lyttelton  -
Mr C. Enys,      Mr & Mrs Otterson (2),     Mr D. Caro  and family (4),    

For Port Chalmers 
Mr G.S.Brodie,       Mrs Robertson and party (6),   and  several others in treaty.

Second Saloon -
Lieut. Col. Dowell and family,     Mr R.B.Young and family,         Mr T.W. Glover and family,      Mr P.C. Fenwick,  wife and child,  
Mr A.S. Malcolm and family,      Mrs Gillingham and 4 children,      Madame Dreyfus and 2 daughters,      Mrs N. Browning,   
Misses Parrack,  Symes,  Daniels,  Mackworth,  and Ellson.  
Messrs  A.H.Gear,  MacTavish,  Boys,  Brew,   Briggs,   Gugenheim,     Mr and Mrs Gick.

Tuesday  19 January 1886    -  shipping    -   TAINUI   -

The steamer Tainui.  from Wellington  for London,  takes a cargo,  including 16,075 carcases frozen mutton,  3889 lambs,  1032  legs of mutton, 
222quarters of beef.  The following were her passengers.

First Saloon  -
Misses A. Cargill     and    G. Higinbottom,      Mr &  Mrs J. Readerman,      Mr & Mrs  E. Cargill,      Mr & Mrs Clayden.
Messrs   F. Bell,   H. Izard,   and C. Rankin.

Second Saloon 
Misses   McDougall,     Neilson,    and E. Cormack,      Mr  & Mrs McDougal and 3 children,       Mr & Mrs D. Chapman,      Mr & Mrs Robert Atkinson,  
Mr & Mrs J.Taylor,     Mrs Lewis and 2 daughters,   
Messrs  E. Redfern,  T. Turner,    S. Mayal,    W. Gayford,    E. Reynolds,   J.W. Moss,    Crop,    and H. King.

Steerage  -
Misses Brailey (?)       and Clark, 
Mesdames Saxelley  and  Stokes,       Mr & Mrs Clemon,      Mr & Mrs Halliday and 2 sons,      Mr & Mrs Loasby,       Mr & Mrs Thornhill,  
Mr & Mrs Cave and 3 children,       Mr & Mrs Slater,      Mr & Mrs Slee and 3 children,      
Messrs Clinton, and 5 children,  Kane?,     Mills,      Mulachy,      Wallace,      McKinnon,     Robertson,      Baker,     Lester,    Cleland, 
T. and A. Brailey,      Edwards,      Lowther,     Boswell,     Bosworth,      Winsley,      and Jennings.

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