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2  February  1886
The following passengers were booked for the Colony  by the s.s. arawa  up to December 18.
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First Saloon  - 
Canterbury  -     Mr & Mrs Wright,  
Wellington  -  Miss Andrew,        Mr & Mrs Larnach  and family,          Mr H. Musgrave,
Auckland  -  Miss Chapman,       Mr C.H. Tickell,

Second saloon  -
Canterbury  -   Mr R. Pipperill and family,        Miss Lepper, 
Otago  -    Messrs J.C.Oddie,       D. Kitchen,       E. Averill,        Mr & Mrs Hawkins,  
Auckland  -   Messrs  W.H. Kapper,      G. Godwin.       Miss M. Johnson,       Mrs Webb and family, 

Steerage  -
Canterbury  -  Mr & Mrs Slater  and family,     
Otago  -   Messrs J. Johnstone,      E. Chatham,      T. Buirley,      W. Douglas,      J. Purdie,      Mr and Mrs Farrell and family, 
Wellington  -  Messrs  W. Hutchinson,       J. Jarman,       J. Austin,       G.Lowell,        Mrs F, Jones, 
Auckland  -  Mr and Mrs Rudge,        Messrs H. Nelson,         J. Hartley,
Blenheim  -  Messrs  J. O'Leary,        C. O'Leary
Tauranga  -   Mr and Mrs Hewitt  and family.

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