Papers Past  -  shipping  -  September  1885.

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Wellington  -  September 27  -

The RMS Kaikoura  left Wellington for London at 5 o'clock this afternoon.  She takes a full cargo,  including 16,500  carcesses of mutton
and the following passengers  -

Saloon  - 
Mrs Emily Pharazyn,    John Bryce and  Robert Pharazyn,    Messrs William Cowlishaw,   William Lane   and Andrew Wardrop,  

Second saloon  -
Miss Liddel,    Mr and Mrs Allan and family,      Mrs Waddell and boy,      Messrs G.Stanford,       G. Stewart,      H.Wells,       E. Parker,      S.Dodgson, 
R.Jones,      and Edgar.

Steerage  -
Miss Harding,      Mesdames Honor,      May,      Lance,      Ewen,      Andrews  and  Glazer, 
Messrs Charles Garrett,      J.Newens,       M. O'Brien,       W. Johnston,       D.M.McIntyre,      M.Gallagher,       E.Denny,       H.McPherson,      
W.Stewart,      R.M.McGrath,      W. Hamilton,        H. Glazer  a    nd H. Mellor,

Her mail comprised 52 bags,  including 13,000  letters.

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