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Wednesday  September   30th  1885  -
Arrival  of the  ARAWA  - 

Port Chalmers  -    arrived  -  Arawa, s.s.

Passengers for Lyttelton -
Saloon  -      Mr and Mrs Cotton,  Mr P. Cunningham:
2nd cabin  -  Mrs Butler and 3 children;  Mr and Miss Aveson,   Mr and Mrs J.Steele.  Miss Food,    
                      Mesdames Hatrick,  McKellar and child,  Stewart;
                      Messrs  R.J.Jarvis,  A. Digby,  J. Ross,

26 steerage and 800  tons of cargo.

The Arawa,  via Capetown and Hobart,  left Plymouth at 5pm on August 15,  arrived at Teneriffe at 8.40am on August 20 left again at 7.10pm
 --arriving Capetown  7.5pm  on September 5,  left again at 5.30pm on September 6.  -------    crossed the meridian of Cape Lewin on
September 21st,  reached Hobart at 9-30am on the 26th left at 8.30pm on the same day.  reached Tairoa Heads at 2pm today.

passage  -   44 days 21 hours 32 minutes.     ------  she brings 2689 tons of cargo  and 242 passengers who all enjoyed excellent health.
 ----   the passengers presented Captain Stuart and Mr Pembroke and the officers with testimonials.

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30 September 2006