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Saturday  26 September  1885 

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Shaw, Savill and Albion Company's   DORIC,  for London,  at 4pm   with a large cargo,  including 16,200  carcases of mutton. 
She also takes the following

Passengers  -
Saloon  -    Mr and Mrs Keillar,      Messrs Peters,      J.B.Whitehead,        and H. Tapp.

Second saloon  -    Misses A.Wilson,    H.Wood,    L.West,  and A.Warren,      Mrs Bennington,         Messrs E.A.Ashcroft,   E. Kenyon, 
and A. Wood.

Steerage  -  Mesdames Paureifer?  and family (4),   R. Grieve and family (6)    Simeson  and J. Caskio,    Messrs W. Williams.  S.Smith,
 R.Ross,  E.O.Eyre,  J.Rule,  W. Summerfield, and P. Johnston.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
25 September  2006