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Wednesday  2 December  1885
The Coptic,  Captain Kiddey,  arrived from London  she brings 22 saloon and 42 second saloon passengers. At Hobart  19 saloon,  8 second saloon,  and 60 steerage passengers were landed.  -------    passage occupied 51 days -----  there was one birth  ---  health of passengers was good.

Saloon  -
for Auckland  -   Messrs J.D.Williamson,  Popham,  Perkins, 
for Napier  -  Lady Whitmore,  Miss Hargreaves,   Messrs Dames,  Nelson, Tanner,  Sellington, Bequite,  C.H.Maxwell,  W.H.Maxwell,  Gamin
for  Nelson  -  Mr Heffer, 
for Canterbury  -  Messrs Max,  Sheriden,  Graham,  Palmer, 
for Dunedin  -  Mr and Mrs McKenzie  and Gunn

Monday  7 December  1885
Arrival of the  Ruapehu   --- brings 259 passengers  for all ports.  health of passengers was excellent  -   1 death,  William GAINSTER,  age about 28,  engineer's store-keeper,  from heart disease.   found dead in his bed on 30 October  -------

Passengers  for Lyttelton are  -
Saloon  - 
Mr and Mrs McPherson,    Mr and Mrs  Wall?      Mr and Miss Hurst,    Mr and Mrs Postlewaite,   
Misses Archer (2),    Brodie and maid, 
Messrs Archer,  Burn,  Connell,  Gurney,   Harris,  Lowe (2),  Smith,  Westenra,

2nd Saloon -
Mr, Mrs  and Master Green,     Mr and Mrs Shaw,  and 2 children,       Mr and Mrs Ravenhill,     Mrs Turnceant?
Messrs Fitzroy,     Halcroft,    Hugaulin?     Marks,  
Miss Pettingell, 

3rd cabin  -
Messrs Parratt,  Brown,  Cross,  Foster,  Goodwin,  Grumble,  Henry,  Fogel,          Mr and Mrs Johnson, 
Messrs Jones,  McIntosh,          Mr and Mrs Reigns, 
Messrs Ruddick,  Smith,  Watson,  Williams,  Goodwin,  May,          Mrs Connelly  and family,  Misses Watson (2)

Thursday  24 December  1885
Sailed  -  Coptic,  Kideley  for London, 

Passengers  Saloon  -
Misses Cowell  and Gammock,      Mr and Mrs Soward  and 6 children,       Mr Barron.

Steerage  - 
Messrs Taylor,    Pulling,   Alboch,  Collins,  Oxley,   and McNamara, 
Mesdames  Kirkwood,  and Boyd,  Miss Fraser,  Mr Nottage.

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