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TONGARIRO  -   for London  

p2  -  August 30th  1884  -  Tongariro, s.s.  4170 tons,  Hallett,  R.N. for London,  via Rio de Janeiro,  NZ Shipping Co.  agents.

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Saturday  30 August  1884
Passengers  -
Saloon  - 
For Rio de Janeiro  - 
Mr J. Evans Brown,    Mrs Evans Brown,   Misses Maria,  Katy,  Masters Potter,  and Hubert  Evans Brown,

For England  -    
Mr and Mrs W.J.Birch,        Mrs Fanny Micklethwaite  and Master G. Micklethwaite,          Mrs Jackson and boy,     Mr W. Vautier Patter,  
Mr Charles Perrin,      Mr F.G.Richardson,       Miss Annie F. Mackie,       Miss Evelyn  C. Filleul,       Mr John Stephen Hawkins,       
Mrs Martha Mary,       Misses Emily Bradford,       Margaret Eleanor,  Lucy,  Masters Henry Ernest,  Frank Hawkins,        Miss Emily M. Quinan,     
Mr James Hay,    Mr W.F.M.Buckley,       Mr Crosier Raine.

Second cabin 
Mr W. Edgecombe,         Mrs Jane,  Alice,  John,  Rachel,  Edward,  Rosey, and Henry Carpenter,         Miss Catherine Brown,          Mr G.W.Milles,   
Mr P.L. Gregson,      Mr J.Menzies,      Miss Martha Yar?ley,       Mrs Sarah,  Miss Sarah, and Miss Jane Matheson,         Mr E.W.Leighton, 
Mrs William  and Master James Watt,          Mr Simon Saunders,       Mr J. Duncan,      Mr J. Lambert,       Mr P Wright,  

Steerage  -  
Mr E Wright,       Mrs Mary A. Wright,        Mr Henry Gibson,       Miss Margaret McKeown,       Mr T Broadbelt,        Mr and Mrs Broadbelt
Mr Ruben Elkin,       Mrs Sarah Ledger,   Mrs Anthony J. Thomas,      Mrs Eliza Alice Webster,       Master John Tuck  Webster,      
Mr Dennis Doughtery,  Mrs Elizabeth  Catesby,       Mr J. Forster,        Mr R. Carroll,        Mr Patrick Lynn,        Mr W. Lane,      
Master Cecil Lane,       Mr Francis  Rodietti,  Miss Susan McKay,      Miss Louisa Eddy,        Mr Michael Maher,        Mr A. Orange,      
Mr Frederick A. Cooper,        Mr James Bowman,     Miss Mary Sevella,       Mrs Annie Whitehead,        Mr T. Honeywell,       
Mrs Louisa Forrester and child,        Mr W. Simpson,         Mr Peter Dutton,   Mr W. Smith,         Mr Barrington Woolcombe,       
Mrs Jane Steward,       Mr John Stewart,       Mr Neil Sinclair,          Mr Robert Hayes.

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Beverley Evans
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