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24 August  1884      AORANGI      sailing July 31st
The following passengers have been booked in London up to July 4th  -

1st Saloon 
For Auckland  -  Miss Jennings,   Miss Clayton,   Mr and Mrs J.C.Johnson,
For Wellington  -   Mr and Mrs Mackie,    Dr and Mrs Coleman  and family  (11),  Mr E.G. Lott,   Miss Lee.
For Lyttelton  -  Rev Mr Flavell,   Rev Mr and Mrs Stock,   Mrs Davis,   Mr and Mrs Hartridge,   Mrs Irving,  Miss Roberts,   Mr E.S. George.
For Otago  -  Mr Cook,   Mr Chapman,  

2nd Saloon  -
For Auckland  -  Mr, Mrs and Misses (2)  Parsons,   Mr J.W.Sharpe,   Mr and Mrs Scott,   Mrs E. Campbell,   Miss Gerrard,   Misses Hennessy  (2),  
                           Master Hennessey,   Miss Nesfield,
For Wellington  -  Mr Skipworth,    Mr A. Gray,  
For Otago  -  Mr Chamberlain,   Mr Warner,  
For Wanganui  -   Mr and Mrs G.F. Cremer and family,
For Hobart,  Mr W. Phillips.

DORIC  -  sailing  28th August
1st Saloon  - 
For Auckland  -  Mrs and Misses (2)  Anderson,  
For Wellington  -   Hon. J.Martin and family, (3), 
For Lyttelton  -   Misses Torlesse  (3),   Mr J. W. Marshman,
For Hobart  -  Rev J. Owen,  wife and family

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