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Thursday   May 17    1883  -   
   ship  1027? tons,  J.M.Baxter,  from London.  New Zealand Shipping Company agents.  221 immigrants 
email me for a copy,  I apologise if there are any mistakes,  the copy was very hard to read in places.

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Families  - 
Katherine and Margaret Blair,    
James, Elizabeth, William and  Mary Brown,    William and Mary J.Brown
Charles and Mary Bunting,       Anne and Joseph M.Bunting,      
Joseph and Sarah Caughey,     Susan and Elizabeth A. Caughey
Joseph,  Sarah,  Joseph,  Harry, William, and Alice Hapwood,      
Walter, Elizabeth,  Caroline,  Arthur, and George Horo,
John and Isabella Lamb,      
 John, Mary, John, William, David, McDougall,     
 John and Matilda Moor,   
Michael, Sarah, Annie, Michael and Sarah Mulhem,      
 John, Elizabeth, Rose, Elizabeth, Rose,  Emma and John Myhill, 
William and Mary Pearson,        
Thomas R. and Orpha L.Shute

Single Men  - 

John and Robert Bell,      Thomas Blaine,      John Brown,      Thomas Bunting,      Maurice and Charles Connor,       John Dillon,    W.Donohue,    S.J.Faulkner,      James Feegas?     W. Forrester,      H.W.Goodwin,      F.Henley,       H.J.Kirby,      George W.Lamb,    J.Loughman,     P. McCabe,    R.McLean,      J. Mulhorn,      J. Mutter,      P. O'Brien,      David Quid,      John Reilly,      W.Ruane,
E.Russell J.Scot,     W.Lords,     R.Talbot,      E.J.Walker,     W. Woodhouse,     David Young.

Single Women  -
Mary Albert,        Kate Anderson,       Georgina and Mary Andrews,      Ruth Barrs,      Anne Behan,      Ellen Mary Blaine,      N.Bronahan, 
M. and E. Brown,     M.A.Brown,      Amelia Bull,     Alice Bunting,      H.Burgstall,     Sarah  Burns,?      Mary Campbell,     Julia Carroll
Jane Clark,       Bridget Clifford,       Mary Collins,     A.J.Conley,      Julia Connor (2),     Sarah Cook,      Anne Dillon,        E.J.Dressmore
 H. Donnelly,     Ellen and Mary Egan,     Mary Early,      Bridget Connaught,        E.and M. Faulkner,     Jane Fiegan,      Bridget Flamery,  
Annie, Sarah, Ellen Fogarty,     Mary, A.K.Ford,      Mary Fr-----?      Ellen Garnham,      Louise Gladmin,     Malvina Gollo
Mary and Jane Goodwin,        Eliza Harris,     Elizabeth J.Harry,     Sarah A. Harvey,      Elizabeth and Agnes Harvey,     Lillian Holmes
Margaret and Bridget Hughes,      Elizabeth,  Sarah and Ellen Hopwood,     Bridget Bynes,     Mary Ruane,      Eliza Pennings,  
Mary A. Kelly,     Eliza Kelly,      Mary Kerr,     Rose Elizabeth,    Kesby,     Margaret Leary,     Mary and Anne Loughnan,    Mary Brophy
Mary G. McAustin,      Willia?,   Mary,  John McAustin,       Mary A, McCabe,       Margaret McCarthy,       Lizzie McClintock
Annie J.McCallum,       Isabella McCallum,      Susan McCallum,        Mary A. McCue,        Mary,  Isabella and Agnes  McDoughall?
Margaret McKenzie,     Christina McLachlan?       Isabella McRobbie,       Bridget Mahon,      Rachel J. May,      Margaret Meade, 
Ellen  Med-on?,      Alice S.Miles,     Sarah Mills,      Kate and Marion Malo-ney,      Lucy S. Moore,      Rachel Moore,      Agnes Nobbs,                      Mary  'Connor,     Mary Patterson,      Mooi--- Patch,      Elizabeth and Violet Prior,     Alice and Ellen Quaid,     Bridget and Mary Quinn,     Mary Reilly,  
Ellen and Mary Reynolds,       Fanny Richards,       Mary A. Rogers,       Bridget and  Johana Rowe,       Catherine Ryan,  Ada, Annie, Eve,  Jemina Smith,  Mary Lorris,     Julia Ellen Sullivan,      Annie Talbot,     Elizabeth Jewster,     Louisa Thomas
Louisa M. Tucket,     Julia Twosmey,      Martha and Benna Vogler,        Emily Waterman,        Annie Watson,  Bessie Williams
Elizabeth Wilson,       Jane Yateman,       Elizabeth Cole.

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