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Wednesday  May 30th  1883
Lyttelton  -  London  passengers  booked on the   British Queen   -   sailing at daybreak on 31st May 1883

Saloon  -
Miss Mary Skinner,     Miss Hilda K.Arden,     Mr and Mrs W.Hartnell,  and George,    Sidney W.,    Leonard T.Hartnell,   
Dr Gibson,      Mr George Pitts,      Miss Harding,      Mr Leach,     Mr A.E.G. Rhodes,     Mr Goodman,     Mr C.G.Andrews, 
Miss Lydia Stevenson.

Mrs Caroline Redfern,  and child,         Mrs Jessie Ross,        Malcolm,  Alexander, Annie Campbell,  and Jessie Mackie Ross,  
Mr David Finlay,     Mr James Finlay,      Mr and Mrs James Reed,       Mr James Wright,       Mr Henry Newns,       Mr Henry Levi, 
Mr and Mrs Kennedy and child,        Mr Prenton,       Mr and Mrs James E.Hall,      Ellen L,  Herbert P,  and Reginald H. Hall,  
Mr Robert Smellie,         Mr and Mrs Robert Stewart,       Mr William Connor,      Mr James Holmes,      Mr Albert Hooper,    Mr Edwin Hooper,  
Mr John Wright,      Mrs Mary Molloy,       Mr Solomon Spensley,        Mr John Middleton,       Misses Harmin (2)       Mr John Harper,    
Miss Mary Corr,       Mr Charles Burrows,           Mr Michael Fitzgerald,       Mr Francis Thomas,      Mr Ewegrove,     Mr Moss,     and Mr Dow.

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