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Thursday  6 December  1883
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The following passengers are booked on the  Tongariro,  leaving on the 25th inst.-
Mrs and Miss Pharazyn;      Rev. J.O'B. Hoare and family;      Dr Gossett  and family;      Mr and Mrs Osborne;      Rev. Mr Smith;     
Mr F.Wilson and son;    Mr and Mrs N.H.Davis;      Mr and Mrs John Barker;      Mr and Mrs Hartnell and family;     
Miss Esther and Miss Elizabeth Bait?;      Mr and Mrs John Ballard.

The following passengers are booked by the British King  to leave for Wellington direct  on 1 November  -
Mr and Misses Gould;      Mr and Mrs Jolly  and family;   
Messrs Pat Campbell,  Marshman,  Wainman,  Studley,  Bishop,  Thatcher,  Gawen,  Lamford,  Tolhouse,  Rev. Mr Pascoe.  
This vessel also takes out  250 emigrants.

Thursday  13 December  1883   page 2
Arrival of the Tongariro  -  ss Captain Hallett,  R.N.  from London.
Passengers  -
Mr and Mrs Burland;      Mr and Mrs Barker;      Mr and Mrs Brow?;      Mr and Mrs Bent;      Mr and Mrs Davies;     
Mr and Mrs Herbert and family; (8?)      Mr and Mrs Hartnell and family (3?)      Rev Mr and Mrs Hoare and family (5)      Mr, Mrs and Miss Osborne      Mesdames Henry,   Heywood,  and Pharazyn,  
Misses Henry (2?)   Murphy,  Pharazyn,  Rait (2)   and Royston.
Messrs Bathgate,  Beckett,  Bidon,  Bond,  Dickson,  Page, Putuio?  Quick,  Rait,  Scott,  Smith (2?)  Bleddon,  Thorp,  Todd,  Watson,  Wilson (2) 
Wright,  Rev. F. Smith, 

67  in the 2nd cabin  and 240  in the steerage.

The Tongariro  brings 4000  tons of cargo  about half of which is for Dunedin. ------
Left Plymouth at midnight on 29 October   --------

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