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Wednesday  13 December  1882  -   

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Bluff  -  December 13th -
arrived  -  Rotomahana, s.s.,  off the heads at 10.30pm yesterday.   She left Sandridge on December 8th at 1.30pm,    arrived Hobart on December 9, 
at  2.30pm  sailed at 10.30pm   ---- made run from Hobart in 2 days 22 hours.         sails at 10am  for Dunedin -

Passengers  -  For Bluff  -
Messrs  Smith,    Penn,    Rodgers,   Matheson,    Palmer,    Underwood,    Warren,    Leopold,    Burnett,    Genese,    Miller,    Maitland,    Ver?on,   
Whyte,   Saville,   Neville,   Davey,     Simmons,     Mr and Mrs Taine,   Miss Jennie Lee,   Master Lee,   Miss Lee,    Thomas Paget,   Ryan,    Fenwick,   
Leopold,   Mrs Ryan,   Warren,   Stanfield,       and 4 steerage.

For Dunedin  -
Messrs  Ward,   Burns,   Cowan,   Munro,   Ewan,   Brinsmead,   Cameron,   Winton,   Bassett,    Robert? Bennett, 
Misses  Wyon,   Hill,   Levy,      Mrs Neill and servant,     and 20 steerage.

For Lyttelton  -
Mrs Taylor,  Messrs Perryman,  Church,   Beauchamp,  Gould,   Beere,   Gainsford (2),   Langdon,   Dawson,   Miss Hope,   Mr and Mrs Toovey,  
Mr and Mrs Toosey,        and 12 steerage.

For Wellington  -
Messrs  Moss,  Hale,   Wiggins,   Dick,   Forde,   Corder (2),    Foy,     Hall,    Cole,     Hesketh (2),   Phillips,       Misses Dickson,   Corder (2),  
Beard,   Mrs Pearce,     Kirby,     Mrs and Master Green,     Mr and Mrs Bond,       and 10 steerage.

For Napier  -
Miss Ellis,   Mrs Weston,  

For Auckland 
Messrs Sedeford,   Sword,   Stewart,   Wallace,   Rees,   Berrington,   Mr and Mrs Vo? and 2 children,      Mr and Mrs Duffy,  
Mr and Mrs Evans and 2 children,      Mr and Mrs Stevenson,  3 children and maid,        and  11 steerage.

For Russell  -
Mr Burkitt.

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