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Wednesday  December  20th  1882
The New Zealand Shipping Company's ship   HURUNUI   1013 tons,  Hazelwood,  from  London   was signalled at 10.30 this morning. 
The Hurunui left London on September 14 and has 63?  or 68  passengers on board,  whose names will be found below.   the  copy is hard to read.

Passengers  Saloon  -
Mr and Mrs Bullock and family,      Mr Oliver Wethered,      Rev Charles Bright,   Mrs Sarah J. Bright,   Miss Mary Bright,       Mr J. Howard Mutton, 
Mr Alexander Anderson,      Mr John H. Pottinger,   Mrs Janet Pottinger,   Mr James Pottinger,   Mr Robert J.Pottinger,   Mr Arthur Pottinger,  
Miss Margaret Pottinger,  Miss Anne M.Pottinger,      and Dr J.H.Bond.

2nd Cabin  -
Mr Michael T.Sadler,     Mr H.H.Siggins,      Mrs Ellen Mower,      Mrs Margaret Moore,     Miss Eveline Moore,      Miss Jane Worsfold,      
Miss E. Gradson,   Mr Henry Gradson,      Mr Edward Sand,      Mr Henry Jones,      Miss Emma E. Jones   and Master William Jones,  

Steerage  -
George B. Redhead,  Elizabeth Redhead,       Charles L.Riby,       Frank Horn,  Charlotte Horn,  Ethel Horn,  Sonna? Horn,        
Mary E. Walsh  and child,   Robert Hartland,       Joseph Bowers,   Eleanor Bowers,   Lizzie Bowers,        Alice Turtill,  Astley W. Turtill, 
Tyrone J. Turtill,  Ethel M. Turtill,   Hubert T.Turtill,   Frederick Moorhouse,       Harry Walker,       William Jerrard,      George Wilkins,    
 Francis Lockwood,       Charles Brockett,       Joseph Brockett       and   Catherine Callaghan.

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