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Tuesday 12 December  1882  -  shipping  - 

Messrs Shaw, Saville and Co's barque     HORSA     arrived from London this morning with 45 passengers,  96 days out. 
1128 tons,  WILSON - Bennet and Co. agents.

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Passengers  - 
Saloon -   Mr Henry Rose,      Mr J.R.Yates,         Mr R.Williams.

Second cabin 
Mrs Harriett Fletcher,      Miss Mary A. Fletcher,     Mr Arthur H? Fletcher,    Mr Joseph Fletcher,   
Miss M.S.Wallace,       Mr A.B.Telley?

Steerage  - 
Miss A. Wye,     Miss Ann Denson,     Miss Elizabeth Denson,    
Mr Robert Simpson,     Mr James Simpson,     Mrs Mary Simpson,     Mr John Simpson,    Miss Jane Simpson,     Miss Rebecca Simpson,    
Miss Sarah Simpson,     James Simpson,     
Mr James McArthur,      Mrs Mary McArthur,  Miss Ellinor McArthur,  Miss Annie McArthur,    Charles McArthur,     Bertha McArthur,     
Mr James McCree,      Mr J.H.Hignette?       Mr Stephen Henry,      Miss Sarah Sherlock, 
Mr ?.T.Lawrence,   Miss Emily A. Lawrence,    Miss Emily Lawrence,       Mr Thomas Lawrence,      
Mr and Mrs James Cook,    Edith E. Cook,       Mr and Mrs John Bell,      Mr and Mrs Richard Sanderson,      Mr P.H. Roustam?     
Mr Patrick Quin,      Mr Henry Quin,      Mr George Kennington.

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