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The Union SteamshipCompany's  new steamship   HAUROTO,  which left Melbourne on Saturday for Port Chalmers,  is commanded by Captain
Francis Fielding.  The following is her passenger list on leaving  Glasgow.

Wednesday  December 20th  1882.

For Melbourne  -     Saloon  -  Misses Black  and Thomson.

For Sydney  -      Messrs Robert and R.B.Kirkland,   Alexander Mitchell,  Misses Kirkland (2), 

For Port Chalmers  -
Mr and Mrs Edward McGlashan,           Rev. Peter and Mrs Milne,   Masters Milne (2),   Miss Catherine Milne,          Mr and Mrs Edward F.Sansbury,  
Mr James Aitken,          Mr and Mrs Robert Campbell,           Mr and Mrs D'Elsa  and infant,           Miss Rainey,          Miss Longson,           Miss Watson,  
Rev Robert Macintosh,           Mr and Mrs Thomas T. Ritchie,  Misses  Ritchie (3),  Master Ritchie,  

For Lyttelton  -     Miss Louisa Wahab?,  crease in paper

For Timaru  -  Rev George and Mrs Barclay,

For Wellington  -  Mr Herbert H.Wilson.

2nd Cabin  -
For Port Chalmers  -
Miss Paton,       Mrs Glassford,       Mr James C, Murray,       Miss E. Edwards,       Miss Mary P.Edwards,      Miss sarah Nisbet,       Mr and Mrs John Troup, 
Mr Wm Troup,      Mrs Brown,      Mr George Stevens,       Miss Mary Sharp,      Miss Isabella Curry,        Miss Arabella Henderson,       Mr Fred Fraser, 

For Lyttelton  -    Mr D.H.Christie,   Miss Euphemia Christie,  Mr W. Willison.

For Invercargill  -   Mr James Fraser,  Mr D. McPherson,  

For New Plymouth  -     Mrs Eliza Dunne and family (5),  

For Wellington  -  Mr Thomas Toop,  Mr Alfred Crooke, 

For Nelson  -  Mr J.Enright, 

For Auckland  -  Miss Armistead,  Mr H.M.Johnston.

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