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Saturday 16 March 1881

The WAIMATE from London, 1124 tons, Capt. Peek or Peck NZSCo. Agents.
Passengers   -  Saloon -
Mr Alfred S. Johnston,         Miss Jessie Heywood,         Mr Arthur Boyd,         Mr F.W.Clunie,        Mr Henry S.Watson,         Mr Alfred Baylis,
Mr Thomas L. Hedson,         Mr J.G.Collins,        Mr Frank Cordeaux,         Mr John Hynt,         Mr Samuel S.Maclaren,         & Mrs Maclaren,
Miss Catherine Look,         Mr A. Sleigh,         Mr Thomas Staddart,         Miss Mary J. Whitsett,        Mr O. Evans,         Mr W.Parton?         Mr David Peddie.

2nd cabin
Mr John Cotterill,         Mr Edward Stanford,         Mr Frederick Thurgarland,         Mr Arthur Denson,        Mr Josiah Denson,         Miss Helen Ferinor,
Mr Gustav Weymar,         Mr Richard Richardson,        Mr John A. Riddell,         Mr John N. Livese,         Mr Francis Morley,         Mr William George Brond,
Mr James Dawson,         Mr L. Johns,         Mrs Johns,         Ethel Johns,         Mr Edward M.Milner,        Mr Samuel Slocombe,         Mrs Slocombe,
Master Sydney Slocombe,         Mr James Richardson,        Mr Oswald Richardson,         Mr James Hutchinson,         Mrs Hutchinson,         Mr John Clinton,
Mrs Clinton,         Mr Alexander Younie,         Mrs Younie,         Mr William Neary,         Miss Mary Pollinger, Mr Alfred Taylor.

The Waimate from London in quarantine.
The NZSCo ship Waimate, Captain Peck, from London, arrived yesterday morning. On the vessels arrivalit was reported there were measles on board --------
14 cases of measles during the passage and 2 casesunder treatment, one being D'OYLY an apprentice. ------ The Waimate brings 20 saloon, 83 second cabin
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