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Monday 21 March 1881

shipping - ORARI ship 1015 tons, Mosey, from London, New Zealand Shipping Co. Agents.

Passengers saloon -
Mr & Mrs Wood,         Miss Ellen Jarrett,         Mrs E.L. Stephens,         Mr & Mrs F.C.Plant, & family (7)
Messers R.H.Duffield,     Clarkson,     F.W. Harris,     F. Skinner,

2nd cabin -
Mr & Mrs J.Hartley,     Mrs R. Jackson,     Mr & Mrs George Horrell & family (9)     Mr Tarman & child,
Misses J.Bell,     J. Blackmore,
Messers, J.M.Martin,     W.B.Stanley,     J.Morrisey,     F.Hickey,     E.Morrisey,
M. Walsh,     J.Knowles,     P.Tonghill,     F.Gibson,     J.LeGallias,     W. Keig.

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