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Rangititkei  ship,  1227 tons,  MILMAN,  from London  New Zealand Shipping Co. Agents.

Friday  23  September   1881
Passsengers  -
Saloon  -
Mr William Simpson,    Mrs Charlotte Simpson,        Rev A.R.Tosswill,  Mrs Tosswill,  Mr Lewis Tosswill,  Miss Miriam Tosswill,  Mr Geo. Toswill,  

2nd Cabin  -
Mr J.F.Edwards,      Mr George Brewer,  Mrs Jane Brewer,  Miss G.Brewer,  Miss A.A. Brewer,  Mr J.G. Brewer,  Mr Henry Brewer, 
Mr W.F. Barford?,     Miss L. Parkes,      Mrs M. Glinden,  and Miss Minnie Glinden

Steerage  -
Frank Saunders,    Jabez Yeates?     Alice Yeates,      Mary McIntosh,      James Dickson,      Martha Nixon,    J.G.Nixon,  Jeremiah Nixon,  Robert E. Nixon, 
Mary Hamil,     John Millar,  Elizabeth Millar,  Hugh Millar,  T.W. Millar,  Elizabeth Millar,  Margaret Millat,  Jane Millar,  George Millar,  Maria Millar, 
John Millar,  Isabella Millar,      William Hunter,      William H. Dawkins,          Mary D. Dawkins,          BessieDawkins,          William Dawkins,  John Dawkins,  Sarah Dawkins,  Margarite Dawkins,       James Keohe?      and H. B. Gillman

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