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Wednesday 4 February 1880        page 2
CRUSADER ship 1084 tons, Llewellyn Davis, for London, Dalgety & Co. agents.

Passenger saloon --
    Mr & Mrs Charteris:       Mr Pope:
2nd cabin -   Miss Stark
Steerage -    Mr & Mrs Dawber & child,     Mr & Mrs W.R.Prouse,     Misses Fluke, Faville,       Gould,     Mr P. Escott.

Thursday 5 February 1880    page 3
Auckland - an Immigrant ship
On board the British Empire there have been during the voyage 36 cases of measles and 8 cases of scarlet fever. There were 3 deaths from the latter, two children, one adult, a man named VETCH. One case broke  out today. When the vessel is reported clean she will load for Lyttelton.

Saturday 7 February 1880
sailed "WAITARA" ship 801 tons, Cowell, for London, NZ shipping Co.Agents.
Passengers -  Mr & Mrs Howarth,         & Mr T.H.Toppin.

Friday 13 February 1880
Bluff -
The NZSCo ship Red Gauntlet cleared today for London with a cargo of 4245 bales of wool, 236 bales of rabbit skins,  5 bales hair, 54 casks of shells,
35 bags horns, 2711 sacks oats, 1 bale of flax.

Saturday 21 February 1880    page 2
This ship which left Plymouth on November 27th 1879 with immigrants for this Port, was sighted by the S.S.Wanaka off  Le Bons Bay this morning. Captain McGillivray ran alongside her, when she reported that two deaths had taken place amongst the children from scarletina, and that there were several cases of measles and scarletina still under treatment.  The vessel will make the Port this evening, the PS Lyttelton having gone out to her.

Monday 23 February 1880
The "Westland" from Plymouth in quarantine. -------
From the medical report it appears that during the passage there were 47 cases of scarletina and 5 from measles,  under medical treatment. There have been 4
deaths amongst the children. viz. a male infant named NEILL,   a female  infant named FURLING,   Louisa SMITH, age 2   & James FURLING 1yr. scarletina
first appeared on November 30th, measles broke out on December 23rd, and from it 40 children and 1 adult have suffered. There have been 2 deaths from
this cause.    No withstanding the large no. of children & infants on board (110) ---
lots more -------

Tuesday 24 February 1880 page 2
Westland - passage of from London
Left Plymouth on 27th November 1879, 50 married couples, 55 single men, 71 single women, 96 children,   9 infants, total 331 souls.
----- lots more    -  5 births on voyage.

Thursday 26 February 1880
Adelaide, Australia -
arrived the Orient steamship John Elder from Plymouth.

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