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Tuesday  15 May 1877
Piako,  ship,  1100 tons,   Fox,  from London.

Passengers  -
Saloon  -   Rev R. Wadell,   Mrs Waddell,    Mr W. Waddell,       Mr E.M.Anderson,         Rev L.B.Brown,   Mrs Brown,         Mr R.T.Walker,   Miss B. Walker,   Miss Clara Brown,    Mr George Fort.

Second cabin  -
Mr Alfred Dunn,      Mr Robert Greig,       Mr H.A. Burrows,        Mr J.C.McIntyre,         Mr A.B.Peymont,        Mr Robert Laing,          Mrs Lydia Ludemann, 
 Mr Walter A. Simmons,          Mr Carl Hausser,           Mr Lewis Hermon,        Mr John W. McNeale,         Mr Windsor,         Mr F.H.A. Whitcombe,  Mrs Whitcombe,         Mrs Mary Brown and child,          Mr James Vercoe, wife and 2 children.

Intermediate  -
Alfred E. Weaver,       Richard Warren and wife,         Robert Hunter.

Steerage  -
John Hewitt and wife,      Caleb Henry Guy,     Frank Geissler,   Charles Hoering?           Nicholas B.Ford,      Henry William Ford,     James Framble,   
Rosalia Mendelson and child,        Adolph Cytterman,         George Kayley.

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