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1 July 1877 "Wanganui" ship 1100 tons, Watt, from London.N.Z. Shipping Co. Agents.

Passengers - saloon -
Miss Brady, Mrs Glassford, & 3 children, Archdeacon Thorpe, Messers A.W.Steele, O.J.Ayton, W.F.Hunt, W.Hunt,
C.A.Schmitz?, R.Wood, Thos. Robilliard, W.F.Mossman, Bray.

2nd cabin -
Captain Browne, Mrs Brown & family, Mrs Adeney? Messers G.Meyer, J.Black, L.Simmonds, M.A.King.

Intermediate -
Mesdames Head & child, Best & child,
Messers S.Burrell, F.G.Rutland, Chas. Spakeman? David Strong.

Steerage -
Messers O.Shuttleworth, Hermann, Hauptfleisch? A.Ross, J.Hendry, O.M.Bottolson? D.C.Jansen, P.Williams.

Ship Wanganui - from London -
------- one death occured during passage, that of William BARTON, a 3rd class passenger who died 14 April
from pericarditis? and was buried the same day. The ship was delayed at commencement of voyage owing
to death of the cook David FRASER age 28 who succumbed to pneumonia, in the channel ---- 40 passengers,
left London March 20.
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