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Monday 1 February 1875
Immigration -  003
during December the Baron  Aberdare and the Penglen were despatched for Auckland with 353 immigrants
the Datram and Ewen for Wellington  with 675 immigrants
the Tintern  with 318  for Canterbury
The William Davie and Timaru  with 584  for Otago.

Monday 8 February 1875

Ship  -   RAKAIA   -      from London  -  020  & 021
--- commanded by Captain McInnis,    ----  there is disease on board the vessel --- 11 deaths,  all being children,   2 are suffering from scarletina and under medical treatment,  5 deaths from bronchitis,  2 from pneumonia,  2 from diarrhoea,  1 from moningitis,  1 from peritonitis,  55 cases of measles,  8 of scarletina, 
100 cases of mumps,  -----   74 days from land to land ---  the following  is the list of deaths
Eliza Hann, 10mths:         William Lemon,  8mths:         F.Tanner, 11mths:        M.Breen, 1yr:           J.Jones, 2yrs:           M.Sullivan, 8mths:           J.Puddle,  1 year:               S.Jones,  5 years:                 E.Thornton, 3yrs:           A.Brackett, 1yr:       H.Chapman, 1yr:    
Total number of passengers is  Saloon - 19:   Government immigrants - 363:    ------   lots more -----

Tuesday 9 February  1875
Ship  Rakaia  025
No fresh cases of sickness has been reported since the ship entered the harbour. ----   the health of the immigrants continues good,  any parcels for the passengers
will be delivered free of cost on being left at the  Immigration Office ----  as no fresh cases of sickness has occurred it is thought that the detention will not be too long.

Ship Rakaia  -  026
Board of Health  -  a meeting of the Board to consider the case of the ship Rakaia -----  The health officer at Lyttelton reported that mumps,  measles and scarletina prevailed ----  the Board ordered that the families and single women be sent to Ripa Island,  and the single men to Quail Island, and the cabin passengers remain onboard until further orders -----   

Wednesday 10 February 1875
Ship Rakaia  -  028
one of the children suffering from scarletina,  --- died this morning in the hospital at Ripa Island.  the other patient is rapidly becoming better.  no fresh cases have occurred.

Saturday 13 February  1875

Ship Rakaia  -  042
The ship was released from quarantine yesterday  Capt. McInnis with several passengers came ashore and was warmly welcomed by his old friends.  --------

Board of Health  -  044
A special meeting of members was held ----- the report of the health officer dated 12 Feb.  stated that the ship Rakaia might be released,  and single men be permitted to leave Quail Is.  --- more ---

Tuesday 16 February 1875

The Rakaia  -  047
The health officer Dr Donald visited the quarantine station, Ripa Island  and found the immigrants are all well.    ----   those located at Quail Island were landed yesterday,  the immigrants thank all those who kindly provided them with fruit etc during their detention on the Island.

Wednesday 17 February 1875

Rakaia  -  049
about 200 of those immigrants were landed yesterday from Ripa Island,  about 100 still at the station, severl being selected for Timaru  and Akaroa. ------

Saturday 20 February 1875

Shipping  -  Auckland -  057
Arrived  -  Anazi,  from London,  she brings 46 Lincoln sheep, a number of passengers and cargo.
Sailed  -  Macgregor  for San Francisco,  40 miners  arrived  per Macgregor.

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14 May 2010

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