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List of Immigrants  per  ship   -   ZEALANDIA  -  

Families  and Children  -
Farm Labourers  -
John Bourne,  wife and child,         Thomas Webb and wife,  Kent;          John Hardwicke,  wife and 5 children,  Bucks;       
Henry Hicks and wife,    Thomas Henwood and wife,      James Mayn,  wife and 5 children,  Cornwall;         George Wise,  wife and child,  Surrey;      
James Hayler,  wife and 2 children,  Sussex;          Michael Harris,  wife and child,  Yorkshire;      William Johns,  wife and 5 children,  Cornwall;    
Josiah Fell,  wife and child,  Bucks;         George Arthur and wife,  Cornwall;          Samuel Green,  wife and 4 children,  Yorkshire;
James Rainbow and  wife,  Bucks;          George Simpson,  wife and 4  children,  Yorkshire;

Ploughman  -
Francis Brown,  wife and 3 children,  Aberdeenshire;          John Simpson  and wife,  Donegal;  

Labourers  -
John Griffiths,  wife and child,  Derbyshire;          John Page,  wife and 2 children,  Bucks;

Shepherd  -
Lewis Willis  and wife,  Banffshire;

Carpenters  -
Edward Evans,  wife and child,  Oxfordshire;           Samuel Seager,  wife and child,  Middlesex;  

Millwright  -
John Gilbert,  wife and 3 children,  Bucks;

Smiths  -
John Griffiths jnr,  wife and child,  Derbyshire;          William Reed and wife,  Devonshire;

Forgeman  -
Thomas Cutler  and wife,  Staffordshire;

Moulder  -
Benjamin Davies  and wife,  Derbyshire;

Saddler  -
James Borland,  wife and 6 children,  Tyrone;

Coachmaker  -
Sydney Cowbrick  and wife,  Middlesex;

Single Men  -
Farm Labourers  -
Thomas Hardwicke,  Henry J. Rainbow,  Bucks;          Francis Brown, Aberdeenshire;          Charles Gamble,  Essex;       William Harris,  Cornwall; 
Peter Chick, Somersetshire;          James Moyle,  William Moyle,  William Richards,  Cornwall;          John Corkery,  Davis Shea,  Kerry;        
John Callaghan,  Cork;          John Leary,  Wiiliam Leary,  Kerry;           James Dermott,  Armagh;          Thomas Spilland,  Kerry;  
Michael Seib,  Wilhelm Arras,  Peter Griebel,  Bavaria;          John Morgans,  Edward Morgans,  Richard Evans,  David Tudor,  Montgomeryshire;          
Mathew Breeze,  John Breeze,  Norfolk;              David Wotten,  Cornwall;

Ploughmen -
Frederick Page,  Kent;  John Nott,  Devonshire;       Thomas Patton,  Perthshire;       Thomas Caldwell,  Londonderry;      William Calder,  Banffshire; 
Rowland Evans,  Montgomeryshire;

Gardener  -
George Power,  Waterford;  

Labourers -
John Yates,  Staffordshire;        Henry W. Johns,  Cornwall;          Samuel Seager, Middlesex;          William Page,  Bucks;          Alfred Fourdrinier,  Middlesex;   Richard Josiah Osborn,  Northampton;          Moses Nicholls,  Gloucestershire;          John Haeship,  Cork;          George Canavan,  Down, 
Patrick Murphy,      Cornelius Sullivan,  Kerry;

Shepherd  -
John Mill Munro,  Ross-shire;

Engineer -
Richard McNae,  Kircudbrightshire;

Boiler-maker -
Richard L. Norsman,  Leicestershire;

Coachman -
George Huffey,  Suffolk;

Tinman -
Alfred Hollobob,  Sussex;

Single Women  -
General Servants  -
Mary Griffiths,      Sarah Griffiths,  Derbyshire;       Rose Seager,  Middlesex;       Jessie Brown,  Aberdeenshire;      Louisa E. Roberts,  Bucks; 
Mary Simpson,  Donegal;      J?ohan Patton,  Perthshire;       Ann McNae,  Larnarkshire;       Mary Joyce,  Down;      Elizabeth Power,  Waterford; 
Maria Esselborn,  Bavaria;       Mary Abbott,  Bedfordshire;       Ann Russell,  Orkney;      Alexandra Robertson,  Ross-shire;       Emma Pound,  Middlesex;  Martha Nicholls,      Emma Webb,  Cornwall;          Jane Hutchinson,  Northumberlandshire;          Jane Harris,  Cornwall;     
Caroline M. Fawkes,  Emily Dyer,   Amelia Dyer, Middlesex;          Helena Ablers,  Germany;      Mary Horcombe,  Cornwall;      Margaret Murphy,  Kerry;       Mary Jones,  Jane Jones  and 2 children,  Middlesex;       Matilda James,  Cambridgeshire;          Euphenia Corbet,  Ross-shire;          Jane Miller,  Larnarkshire; 
Mary Ann Dick,  Tyrone;      Johanna Poff,  Kerry;      Catherine Houghton,  Norfolk;

Cooks  -
Eliza Cross,  Norfolk;      Maria Beesley,  Oxfordshire;      Charlotte Simpson,  Surrey;

Dairymaids  -
Sarah Brown,  Aberdeenshire;      Elizabeth Patton,  Perthshire;      Magdalena Gudex,      Maria Griebel,      Jacobine Gutel,  Bavaria;  
Catherine Leary,      Ellen Leary,  Kerry;       Flora Campbell,      Margaret Campbell,  Down;

Housemaid  -
Catharine J. Forrest,  Lancashire;  

Housekeeper  -
Selina Stuart,  Somersetshire;  

Nursemaids  -
Maggie Borland,    Annie Christie,  Tyrone;

Farm Labourers - 41
Ploughmen -  8
Gardener - 1
Labourers  - 13
Shepherds  - 2
Engineer  -  1
Forgeman  -  1
Millwright  -  1
Moulder  -  1
Smiths  -  3
Carpenters  -  2
Saddler  -  1
Boilermaker  -  1
Clerk -  1
Coachmaker  -  1
Coachman  -  1
Tinman - 1

Single Women  -
General servants  -  33
Cooks  -  3
Dairywomen  -  9
Housemaid  -  1
Housekeeper  -  1
Matron  -  1
Nurses  -  2

Male Adults  -  82
Female  Adults   -  85
Male children  -  20
Female children  - 27
Infants  -  7
Souls  -  221  -  190  and one third?  statute adults

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