The Press  -  Christchurch  - shipping  -   May 13th 1869  -  MATOAKA  -    for London.

Cleared  -  May 11th -   Matoaka,  ship,  1093 tons,  Stevens,   for London.

Passengers  - 
Cabin  -
Rev G.Grant,   Mrs Grant and 3 children,     Misses Catherine and Sarah Kennaway and servant,         Mr and Mrs S.J.Henry and 2 children,  
Dr and Mrs Iliffe,       Mr and Mrs F.C.Wilson and 2 children,      Dr Evans,    Mr and Mrs Alison  and 6 children,      
Messrs Moss,   W.Coup,     W.B.Pusey,       W.S.Wildman.

Second Cabin 
Mr and Mrs Hancock,   Misses Hancock (2),    Mr and Mrs C.H.Hoskins  and 3 children,      Mr and Mrs Henley and child, 
Messrs  A.Brown,   W.E.Cooksey. 

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ

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