The Press   -  30 September 1869  -  List of assisted  Government immigrants   -  HYDASPES  
The Press   -    22 November  1869   -  Passenger List   -  ZEALANDIA   -

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Families & children - 
Ploughman  -  Joshua Hannant, wife & child, Norfolk;      John O'Donnell,  wife and 3 children,  Donegal;
Farm labs - Alexander Dunbar, wife & 5 children, Nairn:     John beveridge and wife, Fifeshire;   James P. Simmons, wife & child, Buck;        Joseph Kilpin, wife & 3 children, Bucks;   
                         Edward Brinkininn, wife and 3 children, Germany.
Labourer -  William Lewis and wife, Cornwall:
Coach maker - William Threakston and wife, Middlesex:

Single Men - 
Ploughmen -  Harry Childs, Dorsetshire;  Joseph Brooks, Sussex;  Robert Hepburn, Ayreshire;   James Gallagher, Donegal;   William McCausland, Tyrone;   James Johnstone, Tyrone;  
                    James Connors, Clare;   Joseph Miller, Caithness;

Farm Labourers -   Alexander Dunbar,  Nairn;   William Dunbar, Buteshire;   Wm B.Clarkson, Yorkshire;  Joseph Rainbow, Northampton;   William Burton, Wiltshire, 
                                Wm James Roberts, Somersetshire;   Thomas Gibbs, Cornwall;   John Fotheringham, Orkney;  Robert Pine, Banffshire;   Henry Mullin, Tyrone;  Michael Mullin, Tyrone;  
                                Thomas Foulsten, Yorkshire;   George Foulsten, Yoekshire;  Walter Wray, Kent;
Gardeners   -  Thomas Hobbs, Bucks;  John Hobbs, Bucks;  Alfred Coker, Bucks;
Labourers  - William Mundie, Aberdeenshire;   Henry W.ottaway, Kent;  Hugh Oliver, Cornwall;  William Threakston,  Middlesex.
Shepherds  -  John MacLean, Ross-shire;  Tho- Cochrane, Ayreshire;  John Grice, Leicestershire;  Robert Gilmore, Larnarkshire;

Single Women - 
General Servants -  Jane Dunbar, Nairn;   Bridget Mullin, Tyrone;   Mary Ann Mullin,  Tyrone;   Jessie Manson,   Emma Wells, Middlesex;  Annie L. Davis, Middlesex; 
                                 Elizabeth Moore, Devonshire;  Mary Kilvington, Surrey;   Ann Hackett, Middlesex;    Margaret Mackenzie, P.E.Island, Mary Ann Lamb,  Middlesex;
                                Mary E. Gordon, Staffordshire;   Geraldine Griffiths, Notts;    Jane Roberts, Staffordshire;    Mary Ann Baker, Somersetshire;    Wilhelmine Glustin, Germany; 
                             Jane Draffin,  Larnarkshire;    Margaret Davidson, Elginshire;  Elizabeth Wilson, Armagh;   Mary Donnelly,  Tyrone;     Ellen Duggan, Galway;  Maria Duggan,  Galway;  
                            Mary Mc-urgan, Tyrone;   Catherine Gallagher, Donegal;   Letitia Caldwell, Tyrone;   Margaret Caldwell, Tyrone;   Honor Francis, Galway;   Mary Mulroyan, Galway;  
                            Mary Kelly,  Galway;   Margaret Quane, Limerick;   Johanna Slattery, Cork;  Ellen Burke, Galway;  Winifred Corbett, Galway;   Mary Toomey, Tipperary;  Susanna Goold,  Down;                                          Margaret Husband, Waterford;   Harriet Billings, Kent;   Eliza Stephens, India;   Margaret Miller, Caithness;    Martha Bradley, Lincolnshire;  Isabella Brien,  Roscommon;  
                            Eliza Lewis,  Roscommon;
Cooks  -  Margaret Wells,  Middlesex;   Elizabeth Ann Down,  Middlesex;     Philadelplus Cuthbert,  kent;  Elizabeth Barkley, Norfolk;   Martha Balls,  Suffolk;
Housemaids -  Grace Campbell,  Middlesex;   Fanny Child, Shropshire;
Dairymaids - Christina Gilmour, Renfrewshire;  Margaret Gilmour, Renfrewshire;
Laundress - Ann Husband,  Waterford;
Nurses -  Maude S. Mason, Margaret Campbell, Middlesex;   Maey J. Husband, Waterford;
Machinist - Emma Hodden? or Holden,  Middlesex;  
------           -   Ellen Threakston, Middlesex;   Margaret Dunbar, Buteshire;  Bridget Mullin, Tyrone;  Anne Mason, Hannah Helliwell, Yorkshire;   Fanny Helliwell, Yorkshire;
Matron  -  Phoebe Mason.

Summary - 
Farm labourers,  19.  ploughmen, 12,  gardeners, 3.   labourers 5.  shepherds 3.  coachmaker, 1.
Total males -  43.

General Servants, 42,  cooks, 5.  dairywomen, 2.  housemaids, 2.  laundress, 1.  nurses, 3. machinist, 1. matron 1.
Total Females -  57
Male adults, 44,  females, 73,   
Male children,  10,  females, 11,   infants 2
Total souls  140 

The Press  -  22 November 1869  -  write up  of voyage of Zealandia  -

1115 tons,  Capt. Rose, commander,  arrived Saturday night from London,  passage 84 days from Port to Port  -- no sickness on the passage. 
Sailed from Gravesend Saturday 26 August    -----  more ----

The Press   -    22 November  1869   -  Passenger List   -  ZEALANDIA   -  

Passengers  -  
Saloon  - 
Mr S.George:   Mr and Mrs A.Andrews:     Mr W. Brunker:    Mr W.W.C. Karslake:   Mr and Mrs W.B.Bray:   Miss Sarah:   Miss Ellen Sarah:   Mr and Mrs G. Hutchinson:  
Mr and Mrs F.Strouts & 5 children:           Mrs Smith;            Miss C.Fleming;            Miss A. Fleming;               Mr Reed;   Mr J.Foudger;              Mr G.A.Austen; 
Mr G.Fowld;          Miss Hesler Merson;   Mr T. Turnbull;      Miss Kate Turnbull;       Mr James Wood;                  Mr E. Ford;                                  Mrs Henry Rose;

Steerage  -
Mr and Mrs J.Mann;    Miss E. Moore;   Mr and Mrs J.R.B. Digby & 4 children;      Mr C.F.Kingdow;        Mr J.Kennedy;       Mr J.Williams;       Mr W. Souter;        Miss H.Gay;  
Mr J.Goodwin;             Mr J.Bashford;   Mr G. Tharrall;       Mr P. Palmer;                Mr W.Palmer;           Mr and Mrs T.Crampton;                       Mr C. Davidson;       Mr H. Gilchrist; 
Mr G.W.H.Walker;      Mr J.Newton;       Mr A. Beath;          Mr A. Metcalf;               Mr T. Hodgson;      Mr G. Hart;              Mr A.A.Adley;      Mr and Mrs J. Robertson; 
Mr William Slater;      Mr G. Wormsley;

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
14 December 2011