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The Press  -  Christchurch  -  
18 December 1869

Passenger   ship  CELOENO  

Families and Children  -
Farm labourers 
William Pain and wife, Kent;    Frank Hitchings, wife and 3 children, Kent;          William Brock, wife and 2 children, Norfolk;     John Judson, wife and 4 children,  Yorkshire;  
John Cooke, wife and 2 children, Cambridge;          James McQuillan and wife, Antrim;           John Vartha, wife and 2 children, Cornwall;

Ploughmen -
Samuel Doyle, wife and 2 children, Kirkcudbrightshire;          Mathew Sandford, and wife,  Down;      Robert Cook, wife and 3 children,  Donegal;

-  walter Hobbs and wife,  Middlesex;

- William Hawkins,  wife and child,  Somersetshire;  Samuel Thomas and wife, Yorkshire;

Single Men  -
Farm labourers - 
George French,  Cambridgeshire;       Thomas Hoult,  Somersetshire;       Frank Lloyd, Somersetshire;      Wm. Hy. Williams, Cornwall;        John Borrell, Lincolnshire;       
Charles King, Lincolnshire;    Albert Slocombe,  Somersetshire;        George Mclean,  Ross-shire;      David Fitzgerald,  Kerry;   Patrick Hamilton, Donegal;      
Alexander Hamilton,  Donegal;    John McIntyre, Donegal;         Patrick Flannery, Tipperary;      Hugh Miller,  Down;       Neal McCloy, Antrim;        Charles Rutledge, Tyrone;      
John Mullin,  Antrim;     Charles Puchegud,  France.

Ploughmen -    John Anderson,  Burks;
Gardener -  Andrew Burke,  hants.
Labourers -
Walter Hobbs, Middlesex;   Robert King,  Yorkshire;    William Vartha, Cornwall;    William Moran,  Northumberland;    Joseph Carroll,  Tipperary;   
Joseph Maxwell,  Tipperary;      Wm. Robinson,  Kilkenny;    Thomas Branwell.

Shepherd -  William Carroll.
Blacksmith -  James Jamieson.
Grocer -  William McBeth.

Single Women  -
General Servants
Anne Burke,  Glamorganshire;      Catherine Burke, Glamorganshire;       Mary A. Williams,  Cornwall,      Anne Donnelly, Tipperary;      Mary Maxwell,  Tipperary;     
 Eliza Jane Miller, Down;    
Jane McCloy, Antrim;       Mary Delgary,  Antrim;       Jane Butler, Antrim;       Sarah O'Neill,  Antrim;      Emma Symondson,  Middlesex;      Emma A. Sells,  Kent;     
Mary A. Little,  Cumberland;    Ellen Glasspool,  Surrey;   Fanny Bishop, hants;    Elizaneth Wilson,  India;    Georgina Wilson, India;    Clara M. Hall, Somersetshire;   
Margaret Ann Rose, Midlothian;   Eliza Morrison, Larnarkshire;    Eliza Baxter, Donegal;   Julia Pearce, Cornwall;  Anne Clarke, Devonshire;   Emily Vaitha,  Cornwall;  
Ellen Vaitha, Cornwall;   Jane Doyle, Kirkcudbrightshire;  Mary Doyle,  Kirkcudbrightshire;   Jessie Doyle, Kirkcudbrightshire;   Isabella Mennie,  Aberdeenshire;

Housemaids -  Catherine McLean, Rosshire;   Elizabeth A. Sandoe,  Middlesex;    Ellen Cullen,  Wexford;    Catherine Kavanagh,  Wicklow;
Cook -  Elizabeth Stanley,  Queen's.
Dairy maids -  Mary Lloyd, Somersetshire;          Mary Kavanagh, Wicklow;
Laundress -  Mary A. Robinson,  Kil;kenny;

Summary - 
Farm Labourers  -  24        Ploughmen -   4.        Gardeners - 2        Labourers - 13        shepherd - 1
blacksmith - 1general servants -  35.        housemaids - 4         cook - 1        dairywomen - 2       
laundress - 1        matron - 1       

Male Adults -  45,
Female Adults - 62
male children -  8
female children - 8
infants - 4

Total  souls  127  =  115  statute adults    

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
20 December 2011

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