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Passenger   ship -  maiden voyage -     Glenmark  -  Captain Thomson  -  82 days  -     over 400 passengers 

Assisted Immigrants  - 
Bricklayers -  William Hicken, wife and 4 children;     Robert Harper,  wife and 5 children;  Oliver Ewing, wife and 2 children;   William F. Phillips, wife and infant;
                                 Henry Buckett, wife and 8 children;
Butchers  -  Alfred Tull,   Robert Pickering.
Carpenters -    Drummond Withers,      F. O'Connor,      M.S. Wakekue.
Farmers  -  David Moody, wife and 3 children;      Alexander Moody,  and wife.
Gardener -  Thomas Chapman, wife and 2 children;
Groom -  Walter Chisnall;
Joiner -  James Doward.
Labourers  -  James Lilly, wife and child;      George Church, wife and 2 children;      G.E.Waby, wife and 3 children;      C.H.Morgan and wife;  C.Adams, wife and child;  
                        John Wright, wife and 5 children;      W. Taverarch, wife and 4 children;      Adam McKinley, wife and 2 children;       Robert English, wife and 2 children; 
                        Samuel Wilson and wife;      William Pearson, wife and infant;      Walter Crowrier, wife and 2 children;      Carl Schridle and wife;       William Tonningham and wife;  
                        Arthur Thomson,        John Dunsmure;      Robert Dempsier;      Samuel Graham;      Henry Hampton;      John Fitzpatrick;      David Curry;  L. Curry;      Abraham Heanaj; 
                        Robert Bigham;      L. Rebson;      Robert Anderson;      Lawrence Kennedy;      Lawrence Heaby;      John Mallory;      Carl Hanson;      Fitz Osterbroz?   Joseph Good and wife; 
                        William Croskill,      George Sell;      William Marden;       George Surim;  Jonathon Snowden;  John Harvey;  Charles Harvey;  John Simpson;  Peter Lawrie;  Peter Rentwill; 
                        William Macdonald;   
Mason  -  William Durrand;
Ploughmen -  Daniel McKenzie;  Alexander Finlayson;  Peter Finlayson;  Robert Anderson;  Samuel Ferguson;  Peter McKenna;
Plumber -      John Wills;
Shepherds -      Donald Gunn and wife;   Grace Budge and wife;  Ewen McIntosh, wife and infant;  E. Whitworth;
Shoemakers  -     Robert Ferguson,   Jas. Ferguson;  David Little;  Jno Mais;  Charles Porter;
Tailor -      Robt. Clarke, wife and 7 children;
Weaver -      William Hamilton;
Wheelwright -  William Harvey;
Matron -     Eliza Hickman;
Nurse -     Clara Downs;
Dairymaids -  Elizabeth Connor;  Mary Luddy;
Dressmaker -  Margaret Ogilvie and child;  Isabella Murray,  Eliza Curry;  Mary A. Routledge and 3 children;
Governess -  Sarah D.Harris and child (3)
Servants -      Lydia Becket;  Elizabeth Marsh;  E. Grimsey;  Ellen Hockley;  Ann Hockley;  S. Bains;   E. Bingham;  Eliza Foster;  Jane Moody;  Louisa Pickering (15) 
                        Lavinia Wallace,  Mary Phair;  Mary J. Logan;  Catherine Barratt;  Margaret Coffey;  Mary Allan;  Sarah pearson;  Barrett O'Malley  and child;
Undescribed  -  John Doris (11)   Florence Doris (8)   Annie White and infant;  Emma Chisnal;

-   27 married couples,  6 women,  65 children,  55 single men,   24 single women,
Total  204

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
26 December 2011