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List of Assisted Government Immigrants  - per Greyhound -   sailed 21 January 1865

Families and Children -  002, 003
Farm labourers -  John Kellaway, wife and 3 children,  Dorsetshire;    Edward Foster, wife and child, Notts;   William Baily and wife, Leicestershire;  
            George Newton and wife,  Herefordshire;   James Moore, wife and child, Tyrone;    William McKeown, wife and 2 children, Armagh; 
            William Haslemore and wife,  Herts;
Masons -  William Pengelly,  wife and 2 children, Cornwall;
Shepherds - John Bailey and wife,  Leicestershire;     James Gordan,  wife and child, Forfarshire;  Kenneth McLellan, wife and child,  Rosshire;
Shoemaker -  Alfred Green,  wife and 3 children  Galway;
Plasterer -  John Connel, wife and 3 children,  Galway;
Weaver -  James McDonald, wife and child.

Single Men - 
Farm Labourers -  Albert Poster, Notts;     John McKeown,  Armagh;  John Hurrell,  Essex;  Levi Dove, Berkshire;  Samuel Derbridge,  Herts;  
            Wm Gardner, Yorkshire;  John Stacey,  William Stacey,  Cornwall;        Thomas McLennan, Rosshire;  Alex McKay, Aberdeen;  Richard White, 
            Cavan;  John Brawley,  James Peacock, Armagh;  John Read, Dublin;   William Leggett, Tipperary;   Alex Caldwell, Antrim;  Josh Warrington,  Derbyshire; 
            Thomas Palfrey,  Salop;  Charles Bowie, Perthshire;  Andrew tayler,  Northumberland;  John Irwin,  Armagh,  Peter Armstrong, Mayo;  Shireley,  Surrey.
Carpenters -  Thomas McKeown, Armagh;   George Milson,  Hants;  William Smith,  Cavan;  Michael Tracey, Tipperary;
Mason -  John Sloan, Tyrone;
Bricklayer -  Robert Crozier,  Fermanagh;
Shepherds - John Gordon, Perethshire;  Donlad Chisholm,  Inverness;
Ploughman - Thomas Moreland,  Patrick Morland, Down;
Groom -  Robert Bailey,  Leicestershire;
Printer -  Richard O'Connell, Tipperary;

Single Women  -
Domestic Servants -  Sarah Green, Middlesex;  Anne Bailey,  Leicestershire;   Julia Connell,  Galway;
            Annie & Eliza Jane McKeown, Armagh;  Mary Milsom, Hants;  Grace Stacey,  Cornwall;  Hannah Warrington,  Derbyshire;   Ann Douglass,  Middlesex;  
            Margaret & Ann Riordan,  Surrey;  Selina Wearing, Kent;   Jane Adams & Alice Newton,  Lancashire;  Hannah Stevenson & Jane McMin,  Down;   
            Mary Williamson, Cavan;  Elizabeth Beaty, Longford:   Bridget & Kate Campbell,  Roscommon;  Margaret Williams,  Kerry;    
                Mary Lawlor, Rebecca & Eliza Hays,  Tipperary;  Matilda Bell,  Tyrone;  Emma Farmer,  Norfolk;   Elizabeth Shirley,  Surrey;
Dairy Women - Ann & Anna Foster, Notts;  Eliza Rainey, Down;  Jane Farquar, Cavan;  Jane White,  Cavan;  Elizabeth Goodison,  Middlesex;
Dressmakers -  Isabella Smith,  Cavan;    Jane White, Cavan;   Elizabeth Goodison, Middlesex;
Governesses - Maria A. Jones, Middlesex,  Catherine Taylor, Northumberland;
Laundress -  Isabella McMin,  Down;
Milliner - Mary Ann Crozier,  Fermanagh;
Needlewomen - Annie Smith, Kerry;  Elizabeth Woodhams,  Emma Nightingale,  Middlesex;  Harriet Newton,  Kezia Whittaker, Cheshire;  and 16 children  equal to 8 statute adults.

Summary - 
Male Adults, 50;   female adults, 59;
male children, 17;    femaile children,  17  infants 10;  
Total souls -  126.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
2 January 2012